Split video into clips on computer – the easiest way!

Do you have a long video need to cut in half, split into two or several clips? Professional video editors, such as Adobe Premiere, TechSmith Camtasia, can help you with that. The easiest tool we have found so far is the Filmora Instant Cutter. It comes as a built-in tool of the Filmora Video Editor, not a separate video tool. Even Filmora users may not notice it as it is buried in a sub-menu. In this article, we will show you the quick steps to cut videos, split videos into multiple short clips on your Windows or Mac computer using this tool.

Get the video editor from previous linked article. We will use its Windows version on a Windows 10 computer in this demo. Run Filmora on your PC. Click File menu, choose Import Media from the drop-down menu, select Import with Instant Cutter Tool from the sub-menu. The Filmora Instant Cutter opens in a separate window. Under the Trim tab, click Open File to find and add the video you want to cut into the trimmer.

Split videos into multiple clips on computer using Filmora instant cutter
Split videos into multiple clips

The left handle should be placed at the very first beginning of the video. Move the right handle to select the end point of the first clip, you will see the start and end time, and duration instantly from the left pane. Preview the video instantly using the built-in media player. Click the backward and forward buttons at the bottom to move the selection to previous frame left or next frame right to select the exact point to split. Click Add Segment button to separate the selected part from the whole video. You can then find the video clip listed at the left pane. Meanwhile the left handle will be moved to the position where the right handle was placed when you split previous video clip. In this way, you only need to move the right handle to select the end frame of the video clip you want to cut. Repeat the steps to select, split, extract more clips. Finally, click Export button, choose a folder to save the video clips, and finish the splitting.

Videos and movies will be split into several video files with the same video format, codec, size and aspect ratio with the best possible quality. For example, if you split a MP4 video file using the video cutter, you will export several short MP4 clips; when you cut a MOV file, you will get two or multiple MOV clips.

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