Split video into several clips on Mac with Camtasia

On Mac we have the iMovie and QuickTime Player for video editing. They comes with the OS without extra fee. If you have a long video need to trim or cut, both of them can help you with that. It is not difficult to trim videos. However if you need to split a long video into short clips and export them as separate video files. You have to add, cut, export the video clips one by one. They can only export one video each time. That would be incredibly slow to export short clips from more video files. In this article, we will use Camtasia to split a video into multiple clips on Mac.

Unlike its Windows version which has the feature to produce multiple files based on markers in the export process, Camtasia for Mac doesn’t have this option, you can however use below trick to quickly cut video into several portions and save them as separate video files on Mac. Windows users can refer to this guide to quickly split a video into short clips using Camtasia on PC.

Run Camtasia from the Launchpad on Mac. Create a new project, import the movie or video into Camtasia and drag it to the timeline at the lower section.

Slide the green start and red end markers along the timeline to select a part of the video that you want to save as a single output file. Then click Share (menu) > Produce Selection As or Share button > Export the current selection. Then follow the on-screen tips to save the selected portion as a separate video from Camtasia to your Mac. Repeat the above steps to select new parts and export as new video clips.

export video selection, portion from Camtasia to mac

If you want to split a very long video into multiple parts and don’t want to remember where the splits occurred, you can add timeline markers to the point where you cut or split the video, or split the video into various parts in the timeline. Press Control+M or go to Modify > Markers > Add Timeline Marker to add markers to the video in the timeline. To split a video, move the playhead to the frame and click the Split button above the track pane.

Other video splitting suggestion for Mac – the Easier way

An easier way to cut long videos into short pieces or fragments is to use the Instant Cutter tool with Filmora Video Editor.

Want to cut a video in half, split a video into two or more parts on Mac? With this video cutter tool, video cutting, splitting becomes really intuitive. Check out these steps to split a video into multiple parts on Mac for more details with screenshots.

Filmora to split a video into multiple parts, clips on Mac