Split a video into multiple clips on Mac

Need to divide a movie or video into two, three or more parts? You can use the Instant Cutter tool which comes with the Filmora Video Editor to cut long videos into short parts effectively. It is straightforward and intuitive.

Run the video editor from the Launchpad on Mac. Click the File menu from the top menu bar, select Import Media > Import with Instant Cutter Tool.

Filmora to split a video into multiple parts, clips on Mac
Split a video into multiple parts, clips on Mac

Click Open File button to find the select the video you want to split. You will see a box above the video thumbnails below the built-in media player box. Drag the left and/or the right handle of the selection box to select any part of the video, then hit the Add Segment button to add the selection to the clips list in the left pane. Repeat the steps to select and add more video clips. When you have selected all the video clips, click Export button, then choose a folder on your Mac to save the clips to or send the video clips to Filmora Video Editor for more edits.