Stream any audio from Windows PC to Android via SoundWire

Ever wanted to listen to your music stored on computer using your mobille phone, but didn’t know where to start? Instead of listening to your music using a bluetooth speaker or headphone, you can actually turn your smartphone into a wireless headphone or bluetooth speaker. Some smartphones provide native support to media streaming, notably the HTC Connect. Check out the steps to stream photos, videos and music from computer to HTC phone. If you are using another phone without the built-in support to audio and video streaming, you can also download a third party app. VLC player is a good example. It can also help you stream photos, videos and music from PC to Android phone.

In this article we will share with you another great free app that can stream your PC audio to your Android powered phones and tablets in the same network. Unlike other two music and audio streaming solutions above, the SoundWire is a free app that can mirror any sound or audio from PC to Android, including the Windows audio, internet streaming music, computer audio playback, online radio, game sound, web videos, online movies, and so on.

Stream any audio from Windows PC to Android via SoundWire

SoundWire comes with a PC version and an Android version. You need to install SoundWire Server (PC version) on computer needed to make the SoundWire on Android phone work properly.

Step 1. Launch SoundWire Server

Start the Soundwire server on your PC, you will get a IP address.

soundwire server on pc

Step 2. Connect to SoundWire Server from Android phone

Run SoundWire client on Android phone or tablet, input the IP address you get from the SoundWire server on PC, then tap on the large wire button above the IP address you have typed in and you would be successfully connected to your SoundWire Server from the mobile. After that all sound or audio on your PC will be played on your mobile phone at the same time.

soundwire android

Connect PC and Android phone to the same Wi-Fi

If you can’t connect to SoundWire server, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or wireless router.

Get SoundWire Server IP address

It should be the local IP address in your local network. Every device in your home or work network has its own unique IP address. If you can’t connect to the IP address provided by SoundWire Server, you can also find out your local IP address by yourself. You can use this local IP address other than the IP address listed in SoundWire server software.

Mute PC while streaming audio to Android

You can mute your PC so you can only listen to the audio or music on the phone.

Choose audio devices to stream

In SoundWire Server on PC, you have the option to choose input device. It defaults to ‘Default multimedia device’. Normally you do not need to change it. As it will stream all the audio from computer to Android, Windows system audio, sound from microphone, etc. You can also choose only to stream audio from speaker or microphone.