Stream music and video from HTC to PC

Want to stream music, photos and videos from one device to another so that you can make the most of your content? You may have a large collection of music files saved on computer, the problem is they’re not always where we want them. In an earlier article, we demonstrated how you can stream music from PC to HTC phone. Today we will show you how to share media content the other way around: streaming music and videos from HTC to PC.

How to stream photos, videos and music from HTC to computer?

Media content streaming between computer and mobile phones are easy, and don’t require specialized hardware. What’s more, there are different software tool that are free to download and use for media streaming. Streaming media from computer to HTC or HTC to computer is even easier than you may think.

Both Windows OS and HTC system come with the build-in support for streaming photos, videos, movies and songs. Thus you do not even need to install third party software or app on the computer or mobile. No need to spend a little extra money at all. The only thing you need in addition to the devices themselves, your PC and smart phone, is a network or rotor. Connect both devices to the same wi-fi network. Then with the pre-installed program and apps you already have, you can easily cast photos from HTC to PC, play music for HTC to PC, and stream videos and movies from HTC to PC.

Step 1. Allow remote control of player on PC.

Run Windows Media Player on your PC, a media player from Microsoft, that can be found in various Window OS, like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP. Click ‘Stream‘, then choose ‘Allow remote control of my player‘ from the drop-down menu in Windows Media Player on your computer.

allow remote control of windows media player on computer

Step 2. Stream media (photos, videos, music) from HTC to computer.

On your HTC mobile, make sure to connect it to the same Wi-fi network as your computer. Then head to Settings >> HTC Connect, your HTC phone will automatically search available devices nearby.

configure htc connect settings on HTC phone

You should find your PC there. Touch your PC name to connect them.

connect htc to pc via windows media player and htc connect

Cast photos, videos from HTC to PC

Open the Gallery app on the phone, any photo displays in full screen mode on the phone will be cast to your PC in the Windows media player screen.

To stream videos from HTC to PC

Open Gallery app on the phone, find and play the video you want to play to a computer, you will see a ‘play to device‘ icon at the top right corner, touch it and choose your PC, then the video will be streamed from HTC to computer wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

play videos from htc to pc through windows media player

Stream music from HTC to PC

On HTC phone, launch the stock Music app, any songs you played on the phone will be played to PC automatically in the Windows Media Player.

Stream videos and music from HTC to computer using shortcut

  1. PLAY media on HTC phone: Play the music or video you want to stream.
  2. SWIPE on phone screen: Swipe up with three fingers from the bottom of your display screen.
  3. STREAM media to other device: Select the device you want to control, and stream away.

Streaming videos and music from HTC to TV

The HTC Connect technology can also help you easily connect your phone to Airplay devices, AllPlay speakers, Bluetooth speakers, DLNA devices, Miracast devices. If your smart TV is DLNA-certified, you can easy stream media content from phone to TV. Check out this guide to stream photos, videos and music from HTC phone to TV. This is the easiest way to stream photos, music and videos from HTC to TV that is DLNA certified. No wire, extra app required.

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