Stream photos, music and videos from HTC to TV

You may have a large collections of photos and videos on your phone. When we see something interesting, the first thing we do is to pull out our mobile phone to capture and share them with our family and friends. Watching photos and videos on our mobile phones or tablets is great. If you like your photos and videos to be shared and enjoyed by more people, you can stream them out of your phone, to a big display, like your computer monitor or even big HD TV screen. In a related guide, we revealed the easy procedure to stream photos, videos and music from HTC mobile to PC. Today we’ll discuss how you can share photos, play music and stream movies or videos from your HTC phone to your TV. There are different ways to see your phone through a TV. What we recommend here is to make use of the HTC Connect and DLNA technology to watch videos from HTC phone on your TV, cast photos from HTC to TV or play music from HTC on TV. There is nothing between your phone and TV. No wires or streaming gadget required. It is wireless and no extra apps needed. But you need a TV and mobile that are DLNA-certified. And your devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If one of them is not DLNA enabled, they can’t be linked via the DLNA wireless streaming protocol. Anyway, it’s worth a try.

Cast photos from HTC to TV

Open the Gallery app on HTC phone to browse through your albums and camera shots. Touch to view a photo in full screen, then slide to the left on the bottom until you see the More button. Touch it to pop up the menu and choose ‘HTC Connect‘.

cast photos from htc to tv using htc connect

After that you’ll see a device selection dialogue ‘Choose where to play media‘. Your HTC phone will detect all compatible devices, such as Airplay devices, AllPlay speakers, Bluetooth speakers, DLNA devices, Miracast devices, etc. Find and touch your TV name to connect and cast photo from HTC phone to TV. Browse through your photo album, photos will be displayed on both screens of your mobile phone and TV simultaneously.

Stream music from HTC phone to TV

Launch the stock Music app on HTC phone, play any music track on the phone, you will find a ‘play to device‘ icon (a play button inside a monitor) at the top right corner. Touch this icon, you’ll get the ‘Choose where to play media‘ dialogue where you can find and choose your TV as the target device to receive and play the music from your HTC phone.

stream music from htc to tv through htc connect

Stream movies and videos from HTC to TV

Video streaming from HTC to a big TV screen is just like the music streaming from phone to TV. Start the Gallery app on HTC phone, find and play the video or movie on the phone, then touch the ‘play to device’ icon to bring up the device selection screen, choose your TV to stream the video to.