Stream photos and videos from PC to HTC

Media streaming helps us easily play music and movies from our computer on our mobile devices or play media from mobile devices to our computers. When you go to the Play Store, you can search and find various PC to Android or Android to PC streaming apps. Some are paid apps, some are free but with limited features. Sometimes, you may also need to download extra software on computer to work together with the streaming app on the Android in order to share media content between the phone and computer. This may make it difficult to get them work properly sometimes. Do we really need these streaming apps? In fact, some smart phones already have the built-in support to music and video streaming. For example, the HTC Connect technology can recognize and connect DLNA servers, Airplay and Miracast devices to play media content. See the steps to play music from PC on HTC mobile. The biggest space hogs on your phone are likely your photo albums, music files, videos and movies. If you do not want to be trapped in space on the phone, saving the large collection of these media files on computer and streaming them to your mobile phone is a great solution.

Like music streaming from computer to Android, the same method applies to photos and videos streaming between computer and mobile.

Stream photos and videos from PC to HTC

First of all, you need to turn your PC into a media server. Luckily, the windows Media Player can help us get the job done in very simple steps. You can follow this tutorial to set up media server on a Windows 10 PC. Then go to grant your HTC phone the access to your media server on computer. And you have to organize the media library in Windows Media Player to put all the music, photos, videos, movies in the shared library. The whole process is not difficult. It is easier than you may think. Just refer to previously linked article with detailed instructions and screenshots.

Now we need to find a client on the HTC that can access the media content on the Windows media server. The Gallery app is able to recognize the media server on your PC and play videos and movies from it. No need any specialized app for video streaming on HTC phone. Launch the stock Gallery app on HTC mobile, touch the More menu, choose Media Servers, your PC media server will be detected in the list. Tap to connect and access all shared photos and videos in your Windows Media Player libraries from PC. You can then browse and cast photos from PC to mobile phone, stream videos and movies from computer to cell phone.

stream photos videos from Windows PC to HTC phone via media server

For video streaming from PC to a mobile device, you may run into video format not supported problems. For example, playing MOV on HTC phone may fail. In this case, you can either convert videos to HTC compatible format or install extra third party player with the video/audio codec support.

Last but not least, your computer and cell phone must be connected to the same Wi-fi network or router in order to communicate with each other over the DLNA protocol.