Sync Books from Computer to iPhone through iTunes

There are different ways you can add ebooks saved on your computer to your iOS devices. You can simply send books from computer to iOS device via emails, you can also sync books to iPhone iPad iPod touch through iTunes.

Adding books to iPhone via email

Importing books in PDF or ePub format to iPhone using email is easy. You need to setup an email account on iPhone first. Then create a new email message on your computer and add your book files as attachments. Send the message to the email address you have added to your iPhone. Launch the Mail app on your iPhone to receive the email, open the books in email attachment, select to open it in iBooks app. You can find more details from this guide to transfer EPUB books from PC to iPad iPhone through email.

Here we will outline the simple steps to sync books from PC to iPhone through iTunes.

Transfer Books from Computer to iPhone through iTunes

Basically there are two steps to sync books to iPhone using iTunes: 1) add books from computer to iTunes; 2) sync books from iTunes to iPhone. Ready to get started now? Check out details instructions below.

Step 1. Add Books to iTunes

Run iTunes on your PC or Mac. Click the book icon from the top left section of iTunes, then click “My Books“. Now all your books added to iTunes book library will be displayed. Browse to the folder where you saved your ebooks on computer, then drag and drop it from computer to iTunes book library.
add books to itunes library

Step 2. Sync Books to iTunes through iTunes

Connect iPhone to computer through USB data cable that comes with your phone, you will find a phone icon shows at the top section of iTunes interface. Click the phone icon, your iPhone will be displayed on the left side of iTunes. You can see Settings and On My Device sections in the left navigation panel of iTunes. Go to Settings >> Books, you can select any or all books from computer to iPhone through iTunes.

sync books from PC to iphone through itunes

When you have selected the books you want to put on to your iPhone, click Apply button on the bottom right corner, iTunes will back up your iPhone and sync the books from computer to iTunes.

Want to download free books on to your iPhone iPad or iPod touch, check out this guide for more: how to download free books to iPhone iPad iPod touch?