Sync Browser Bookmarks from Computer to iPhone iPad

You may have saved a lot of great websites on your computer as bookmarks but now want to access the great websites right from your new iPhone or iPad. In such case, you can sync browser bookmarks from Safari, Internet Explorer on PC or Mac to iPhone or iPad. By syncing browser bookmarks with iPad iPhone, your favorite websites added on either device will be included in the bookmarks of both. How to sync Safari bookmarks from computer to iPhone iPad?

Sync Browser Bookmarks from Computer to iPhone iPad through iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to computer.

2. Run iTunes on the computer, click on the iPhone or iPad icon below the iTunes menu.

3. Click the Info tab under Settings. Scroll down the iTunes page to Other section, select “Sync bookmarks with”, choose your web browser Internet Explorer, Safari, or else. Then click Apply to sync the bookmarks between your iPhone or iPad and the web browser on your computer.
sync bookmarks from computer to iphone iPad through itunes

iTunes lets you choose the content and information that you want to sync with iPhone or iPad. By default, iTunes syncs automatically whenever you connect iPad to your computer. When you sync, you can also transfer information you create or purchase on iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Transfer Safari bookmarks from iPhone iPad to computer through iCloud

Bookmarks saved on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch can be easily exported to your PC or Mac computer. There are different tools and ways to back up Safari bookmarks from iPhone to computer. The easier way would be use a professional iPhone backup tool other than iTunes to extract data from iPhone to PC or Mac. We recommend this guide to back up Safari bookmarks from iPhone to computer. This solution is easy to follow, and the exported bookmarks will be saved as HTML file which is compatible with most web browsers. You can easily import bookmarks from HTML to a web browser. See this tutorial to import bookmarks from HTML file to Firefox.

You can also go to enable iCloud backup on your iPhone or iPad, so your Safari bookmarks will be backed up to iCloud server. You can then follow this guide to download bookmarks from iCloud to computer. By backing up your content from iOS device to iCloud server, you can also restore your data in case of data loss.