Sync “On my iPhone” notes to the iCloud

The Notes app on iPhone or iPad lets us save our notes locally on our device, or synced with our iCloud account. To create iCloud notes or sync notes from iPhone to iCloud, go to Settings >> Accounts & Passwords >> iCloud >> Notes and make sure Notes is enabled. To create local notes and save notes on your iPhone or iPad only without uploading them to iCloud account, go to Settings >> Notes >> “On My iPhone” account, (or “On My iPad” account for iPad users), make sure this option is turned on. Then launch the Notes app on iPhone or iPad, you will see the iCloud folder and/or On My iPhone or On My iPad folder.

notes app folders on iphone

You may see other folders in Notes at the same time. Folders are based on the accounts you have configured and enabled for notes on your iPhone. Notes sync lets us take notes on one device, and continue right where you left off on another device. Now you decide to sync your locally stored notes to your iCloud account so you can access them on your iPhone iPad and computer. How can that be done?

Sync “On my iPhone” notes to iCloud

Run Notes app on iPhone or iPad, switch to the “On my iPhone” or “On my iPad” folder where you can find all local notes saved on your iOS device. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the screen. You will then see a circle before each note entry. You can transfer multiple notes or even all notes from “On My iPhone” account to your iCloud account at the same time. Touch to select multiple notes or simply tap the Move All button in the lower left-hand corner to choose and move all notes. After that the Select a folder screen displays on your iPhone or iPad screen, select an existing folder under iCloud or create a new folder in the iCloud section, after that all your selected notes will be moved from their local folder to the iCloud folder.

move notes from on my iphone to icloud account

The selected local iPhone notes are now transferred or synced to your iCloud account. To verify that the local iPhone notes were successfully synced to iCloud, log in to your iCloud account from a web browser on PC or Mac, and navigate to the Notes section to find out.

Transfer notes from iPhone or iCloud to computer

Want to save a local copy of your notes on computer for backup? You don’t even need to follow the above procedure to move notes from any folder under the On My iPhone account to your iCloud account, you can follow these steps to backup notes from iPhone to computer directly. For existing iCloud notes, you can also download them on to your computer. Read more about how to download notes from iCloud to computer.