How to Sync Video to iPad with iTunes?

iPad is great movie player. The big, crystal clear screen on iPad makes watching movie on it an excellent experience. Sometimes you may feel a PC is unnecessary with an iPad, it is so good to use when you want to surf the web, check emails, read books, watch movies and many more. What’s more, an iPad is much easier to carry, you can watch movies with your iPad on the go. We have demonstrated how you can send various files from a laptop to iPad before. iTunes is the tool can help us with that. In this guide, we will be using it again to demonstrate how to transfer videos from computer to iPad. When you feel boring sometimes on the go, watch movies on your iPad, iPad is your intimate travel mate. At the lower section of this post, we will also recommend some free and easy to use app which can also help you easily copy photos, videos, music and more files between iPhone iPad iPod and a PC or Mac.

Transfer movies to iPad iPhone through iTunes

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, you may download it for free from Apple’s Official Website.

Step 2. Import videos from computer to iTunes

You can simply drag and drop your movies from computer to iTunes library. Then the added videos will be listed under the Movies library in iTunes.
add videos from pc to itunes

Step 3. Connect your iPad with your computer.

Connect your iPad to computer using the USB data cord. iTunes will then automatically detect the iPad connection. Select iPad in DEVICES section of iTunes device list. You will see a number of tabs across the top, including “Music”, “Movies”, “TV Shows” and other tabs.

Step 4. Transfer movies from computer to iPad

Click the Movies tab, then check the box before to “Sync Movies”, you can select individual movies from your library. Check the box besides to the name of the movie you want to sync to iPad.

sync movies from computer to ipad using itunes

If you check the “Automatically add” checkbox under the “Sync Movies” box, you can choose to automatically add all movies in your library to your iPad each time you sync. Click the “Sync” button in the bottom-right corner of the iTunes window to update and sync movies from computer to your iPad through iTunes.

Import photos videos from computer to iPhone iPad without iTunes

TunesGo Retro is a great mobile phone data transfer, management, backup tool. You can use it to import media files from a Mac or PC to your iPhone iPad iPod touch without iTunes. It is much easier than iTunes. Check out following steps to import photos videos from computer to iPhone iPad.

Send photos, videos, music between iPhone iPad and computer without iTunes

If you do not like iTunes sync as I do, you can also install a file transfer app on the iOS device, then easily upload files from computer to iOS device or download files from iOS device to computer. There are a lot of free iOS apps can help you with that. Do a search in App Store. You may consider FileMaster for iPhone iPad iPod touch. A free iOS data manager and transfer app. See how you can transfer photos, videos, music and more between iPhone and computer using this free iOS file transfer app.

iPad Video Tips:
iPad is not only a great music player, ebook reader, and gaming device, but also perfect portable video player. If your movie files couldn’t be copied to iTunes, most likely there’s a problem with the file format. You’ll need a video converter to change the format of videos to iPad compatible format, see this guide to convert videos to iPhone format. This video conversion software has optimized video profiles for many other mobile phones and tablets as well. If you use other smart phones other than iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, it can also help you convert videos to the formats you need.