Take photos while recording video on Xiaomi Redmi

Who said you can’t take photos and record videos using the same camera at the same time? Xiaomi and Redmi phones allow users to take stills while recording video which saves you the steps to extract frames and still pictures from the video using a third-party video editor. Here’s how.

How to take pictures while recording video on Xiaomi?

Launch Settings on your Mi phone, scroll down to the Device section, select System apps > Camera > Video > Image capture while recording. Once this option has been activated, you’ll be able to shoot pictures and record video simultaneously using your Android device.

enable image capture while recording video on xiaomi redmi phone

Open the stock Camera app on your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. Switch from the Photo to the Video mode, point your camera toward what you like to capture, then start recording the video. Meanwhile you will see the photo-shutter button at the bottom. Tap on it to take pictures. See below screenshot.

take pictures and record video simultaneously using xiaomi redmi phone

Any image quality loss?

Compared to those photos taken in the Photo mode, you will notice the image quality loss with the pictures captured during the video recording process. You can’t get the typical image quality. It is better than taking a screenshot of the video though. Photos taken while recording video will be saved in the same resolution with the video. On my Xiaomi phone, the video was recorded in full HD 1080p, the photos captured are all 1080*1920p image files. My Xiaomi phone saves 720*1280p photos while recording HD videos, and 480*720p pictures while recording SD videos.

Extract still photos or frames from video

For existing videos, you can also use a video editor to extract still pictures from the videos. Scroll up to the opening paragraph above, and refer to the linked article for more details.