How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is designed with both utility and beauty. It is Apple’s latest innovation. Many users consider Apple Watch as a fashion accessory. With Apple Watch on the go, you can share your daily activity with family and friends, you can compare and compete with others. It is really cool. Screen capture is one of the must-known skills for all Apple Watch users. It can help you capture anything on your Apple Watch screen, save them as pictures and share with other people, the community or in social networks. It works similar with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. On these iOS devices, you can simply press the power and home buttons combination to take a screenshot on iPhone iPad. On the Apple Watch, you can also press a buttons combination to capture anything displaying on your watch touch screen. Before you can capture screen on Apple Watch, you must go to enable screenshots for Apple Watch on the paired iPhone. Check out details below.

How to enable screenshots on Apple Watch?

On your paired iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, then scroll down a bit and choose General >> Enable Screenshots.If you find this option is already in green other than black and white, it means it has already been activated, you can skip this step and go to capture screen on Apple Watch following below steps.

How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch?

Bring up anything you like to take a screenshot of on Apple Watch, then press and hold the side button on your smartwatch. Immediately tap and release the Digital Crown on your watch. You will hear the similar shutter sound effect and your watch screen will blink, which means you have successfully taken a picture of what displays on the screen of your Apple Watch.

take screenshots on apple watch

Notes: Pressing both the Digital Crown and the side button will also pause your workout app. If you are using the Workout app, you need to press the button combination again to resume your workout. 

How to find, edit and share Apple Watch screenshots?

To view the Apple Watch screenshot you just captured, open the Photos app on paired iPhone. Your Apple Watch screenshots can be found under the Photos tab. Now you have the option to share the screenshots with others via email, message, chat apps or else, edit or delete Apple Watch screenshots from iPhone. You can also forward the Apple Watch screenshots to your Mac or PC and edit them from there.