Take a screenshot on Coolpad phone

Can you take screenshots on the Coolpad? Recent smart phones allow users to capture screen by themselves without installing any screenshot apps. You can take a screenshot on the phone usually by pressing a hardware keys combination. There are different ways you can take a screenshot on Coolpad mobile phone. Here we will introduce two methods to capture screen on Coolpad. It may differ on some phone models. So choose the method works for your phone.

Easiest way to take a screenshot on Coolpad

Press the volume down button and the power button at the same time, hold and wait for one or two seconds, until you see the notification from the top notification bar that the screenshot is saving. The screenshot will be saved to your Gallery app. There will be an album named “screenshots” specifically created for saving all your screen captures on Coolpad smartphone.

Except the Gallery app, you can also find your saved screenshots on Coolpad mobile phone using the stock File Manager or any other third party file manager you have installed on the phone. You can find the screen capture from File Manager >> Genres >> Image >> Screenshots. You can also find them from File Manager >> Phone >> Internal storage >> coolpad >> Screenshots, or File Manager >> Phone >> External storage >> coolpad >> Screenshots if you have a SD card installed on the phone.

Screenshot capturing is easy when you know how. However you may need more practice at the first beginning. Some users complain that the keys combination does not work, in fact it turns out they didn’t press the two keys at the same time, or they released the two buttons before a screenshot is saved.

This method works on various mobile phones. See also this tutorial to take a screenshot on Lenovo mobile phone.

Another way to capture screen on Coolpad

Bring up anything you like to capture on the phone, then long press the power button until the pop-up dialogue shows up where you can find options like Power off, Restart and so on. Screenshot is one of the options you can find there. Just tap on it to capture the screen of your Coolpad device.

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      if you want to take a screenshot, bring up what you like to capture on your phone screen, then press the Power key and lower Volume key at the same time. Release until screenshot image saved.

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