Take a screenshot on HTC phone

Screen capture is a very useful feature on mobile phones. Almost all smart phones have the built-in support to screenshot capturing with or without an app. Screenshots can help us easily capture anything on our phone screen and save them as images for archive or easier access. For example, when your friends sent you an address through messages in chat apps, you can take a screenshot and save it to your photo album or Gallery app on the phone so you can access it easily on the go without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular data. Today, we’ll discuss how HTC users can take screenshots using their mobile phones without any third-party apps.

Note that the screenshots and steps may vary across different phone models.

How to take a screenshot on HTC mobile phone?

First, power on your HTC phone, unlock its screen, have anything you like to capture displayed on your phone screen. It could be any web page, email, chats, note, calendar, games, docs and many more. Then, you can take a screenshot on HTC phone in at least three different ways as following.

HTC Screenshots Method 1.

Press and hold both the Volume down key and Power key at the same time until you hear the shutter sound or see your phone screen flashes, which means you’ve successfully captured the phone screen. Tap to open the Gallery app on your phone, switch from Camera Shots tab to the Albums tab, you should now find the Screenshots album, all your screenshots taken on HTC phone will be saved there. Note that the power button may be at different places on the phone, some phone models have the power button on the top, some has it at the right side of the handset.

HTC Screenshots Method 2.

You can also access the screen capture tool on HTC from the main Notification & quick settings panel. Firstly bring up what you like to capture on your phone screen, then swipe from top to bottom to pull down the Notification panel on HTC phone. Tap the quick settings icon at the top right corner. Now you can see various commonly used settings, toggles or tools, such as WLAN, mobile data, screen rotation, bluetooth, hotspot, flashlight or torch and the screenshot. Simply touch the Screenshot button to take a screenshot on HTC mobile.
htc mobile phone to take screenshot

HTC Screenshots Method 3.

Except the above two method, there is also another way which however is a bit tricky and you may need more practice to get it right. Press and hold the Power button on the top left of your phone or the right side of your phone. As we mentioned above, the power button may be located on the top or the side of your phone. Now go to press the Home button at the bottom of your HTC phone’s screen without releasing the first button. This keys combination or shortcut can also help you capture screenshots on HTC phones.

Screenshot capture on more Android phones

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