Take a screenshot on Huawei phone

Screenshot capture is a very useful feature for mobile phone users. It allows us to capture anything displays on our phone screen and save them as image files so we can easily archive, send, or share them. We have introduced how to capture screen on several phones before, such as iPhone, Samsung phone, LG, and so on. Check out this tutorial to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi phone just as an example. Today we will discuss how Huawei phone or Honor phone users can take a screenshot on their mobile devices without using any third-party apps. There are mainly two different methods you can take a screenshot on Huawei phone. Check out details below.

Method 1. Capture screen of Huawei phone using shortcut

Bring up anything you want to capture to the front on Huawei phone screen, swipe down from the top to pull down the shortcuts and notification center on the phone. The Screenshot icon can be found in the shortcuts list. Tap the down arrow to show the full list of shortcuts if you can’t locate the Screenshot. Tap on it to take a screenshot on Huawei mobile device.

Capture screen of Huawei phone shortcut

Where are Screenshot saved on Huawei phone?

Whatever screenshots that you have taken using the shortcut in the notification panel can be accessed from the Gallery app. There will be a particular folder or album named Screenshots in the Gallery app with all your Huawei mobile phone screen captures.

Method 2. Take screenshots on Huawei phone using hardware buttons

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are mainly two different methods you can take a screenshot on Huawei phone without any third-party apps. Except the shortcut in Notification panel, you can simply press the hardware buttons to quickly grab your phone screen and save it as still images. This method is helpful when you can’t find the screenshot tool in the notification center or it can’t help you capture the screen you want. 

On many Huawei devices, the volume buttons and power button are located on the same side of your device. You can press both the volume down button and Power button at the same time to quickly capture screen on Huawei phone.

When you have successfully capture phone screen, you will see your phone screen flashes and hear the shutter sound at the same time. 

Again the screenshots will be saved to the Screenshots album in the stock Gallery app on Huawei phone.

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