Take a screenshot on Coolpad Catalyst

Coolpad Catalyst is a budget smartphone powered by Android OS. Screenshot is a very useful feature of Coolpad Catalyst as it allows users to quickly save anything displaying on their phone screen. There are different ways you can take screenshots on a Coolpad phone. Can you take screenshots on the Coolpad Catalyst phone as well? Like many other high-end smartphones, Coolpad Catalyst also support screenshot taking without any third-party screenshot apps. You can take a screenshot on the Coolpad Catalyst by itself.

How to take a screenshot on Coolpad Catalyst phone?

On your Coolpad phone, pull up any screen you want to capture, could it be a photo, a conversation through a chat app, a web page or just anything you like to capture and save as image. Press the Power key and lower Volume key at the same time.Your screenshot will be automatically saved in Photos app. Note that you may need to hold the hardware buttons combination for 1 to 2 seconds.

take screenshot on coolpad catalyst phone