How to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phones?

There will always be moments you would love to grab your screen and save them as screenshots on your mobile phone, such as your new high score in a game, your chat history with someone, etc. You can capture anything on your smart phone and save them for record or future reference, you will also be able to easily send and share the screenshots from your mobile phone with friends or anyone else through email or instant messengers. Screen capture is very useful feature on our computers, see this page to take screenshots on Windows 10. Nowadays, our smartphones are powerful enough to capture anything you like on your screen similar to what we can do on a laptop or desktop computer. iPhone and Android users can make use of the built-in feature to capture screen without any third party apps. In an earlier article, we have demonstrated how to capture screen on Lenovo phones. Today we will discuss how you can take a screenshot on Tecno mobile phones which is powered by Android OS.

Quickly capture anything on your Tecno phone screen

Tecno mobile phones have the built-in screenshot tool which you can use to quickly capture anything on your phone’s screen. Use two fingers to swipe down from the top of your phone screen to display the quick settings and shortcuts, you can touch the Screenshots icon to quickly take a screenshot of your Tecno phone screen from there.

tecno mobile phone screenshots via quick settings

You can add this tool to the Smart Panel or T-Point, a floating bar of your favorite apps and tools on your phone screen. If you can’t find this floating tool bar on your Tecno phone, go to Settings > Smart Panel to enable it first. Swipe to display the Smart Panel, you can tap the Add button to add tools to this panel so you can quickly access them in the future.

tecno mobile phone screenshots via smart panel

You can also activate the shortcut to take a screenshot with three fingers on Tecno smartphones. Head to Settings > Micro Intelligence > Take screenshot with 3 fingers to turn it on.

Hardware buttons to take screenshots on Tecno phones & tablets

Like we have mentioned above, you do not need to root your phone or install any app in order to capture screen on Tecno phones or tablets.

Firstly bring up anything you like to capture on your Tecno mobile screen. It could be a game, any web page, your chat window, any documents, just anything you like. Then Press and Hold the Power Button and Volume down button at same time for about 2 seconds until you hear a click sound. Meanwhile you will see a notification that the screen has been successfully saved. See below screenshot.

capture screen on tecno mobile phone

In the demo, we are using a Tecno P5 to capture its screen. The volume button is on the left side while the lock screen button is on the right hand side. This tip works for many other Tecno mobile phones, such as Tecno M7, Tecno N9, Tecno N7, Tecno H3, etc.

Any screen capture will be saved as image files to the default Gallery app on your Tecno mobile phone, the same place you can find your photos taken and videos recorded on the smartphone. There will be a particular screenshot folder of the Tecno’s Gallery app for all screenshots. You can view, edit, crop, delete the screenshots and share them anywhere just like any other pictures or photos. If you accidentally delete the wrong screen capture, you can get them back following this guide to recover photos from Android devices.

Tecno mobile phone screenshots tips

  • You do not need to root your phone or install any app for screenshot taking on Tecno phones or tablets.
  • You have to press the lower volume button and the power or lock button almost simultaneously and after a vibrate and a click sound, then release the buttons immediately.
  • This screen capture via hardware buttons trick works on many other Android devices that are running Android 4.0 and Above.

Hope this tutorial on take screenshot on your Android device can be helpful to new Tecno mobile phone users.

Update April 2020: this article was originally published in Oct 2015 and has since been updated. Extra ways to take screenshots without hardware buttons were added in this update.

Update July 2021: added two new methods to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phones.

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    1. there are different ways you can take screenshots on Tecno mobile phone. how did you capture screen and any error encountered?

    2. Mine too, im holding a tecno camon 15 Air, it doesnt accept to catch my screen.
      Previously i been using Camon 12 Air, the screen capturing consisted on swipping 3 fingers on my screen from top do botton. buit this one i have almost everything.

      1. You need to activate the shortcut to take a screenshot with three fingers on Tecno smartphones. Head to Settings > Micro Intelligence > Take screenshot with 3 fingers to turn it on. After that you can simply slide down on your phone screen with three fingers to quickly take a screenshot.

  1. My cx no longer takes screen shots i have tried everything even downloading screenshot apps. Am so pissed am hating my phone

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