Take a snapshot of a video on computer

Both Windows and Mac OS come with the built-in screenshot tools that you can use to capture anything displays on your computer screen and save them as still images. The image quality however is limited to your monitor resolution. As a result the quality may suffer especially when you need to snapshot HD videos. If you like to take screenshots with full resolution as the source video, we recommend two dedicated tools, the VLC player and Stellar player. In an earlier post, we demonstrated how you can take video snapshots using VLC media player. Today, we will show you how to achieve that using another great free media player the Stellar Player.

About Stellar Player

Stellar Player is a Free, multi-functional audio, video player for Windows and Mac that can play almost all major media files, supports TV and mobile phone screencast. You can find more details about Stellar Player or download it for free from previous linked page.

Take screenshots of videos using Stellar Player

Install the free video player on your Windows PC or Mac computer. We will use its Windows version in this demo. Open the video clip or movie that you want to capture a scene from in the media player. Play to the frame you like to capture or drag the process bar to quickly locate the right position. You can also use the thumbnail preview to jump to the scene in the movie or video. To help you find the exact frame in the video, you may also decrease the video’s playback speed by 0.5x of the video’s original speed.

Take a snapshot of a video using Stellar Player on Windows computer

When you’re in the right position, pause the video if not yet, then simply hit the following shortcut Ctrl+P to take a screenshot of the current frame from the video. Alternatively you can click the Toolbox > Screenshot at the bottom right to take a snapshot of the video. By the way, this media player can also help you save continuous screenshots as GIFs as shown from above screenshot.

By default, video screenshots will be saved to C:\Users\your username\Pictures\StellarPlayer. You can change it to another folder or location from its settings if like. Video snapshots will be saved in JPG format. Open Windows Explorer to find them if you are on Windows PC, or find them using Finder if you are on Mac.

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