Test your Website with iPhone simulator

Do you want to know how is your website look like on iPhone even without an iPhone at hand? More and more people now using an iPhone to surf the internet as it is much easier to carry, web developers can not just disregard how their websites look like on the iPhone any more. Want to test website on iPad, check out this guide to test website on iPad using free online simulator.

View website mobile version from desktop

Some web browsers can also help you view website mobile version from your desktop computer. Firefox, Chrome and other modern browsers have the built-in support. Check out this guide to enable website mobile version view in Firefox on Windows PC.

iPhone Peek is a nice tool that helps you see how your website will be rendered on the iPhone screen. The website or service was firstly designed to simulate iPad. And now, iPhone simulator along with iPhone 5 simulator have been added. It is a nifty iPhone simulator. Click on the top iPhone border to rotate from landscape to portrait mode. Do remember that Flash is not going to work on iPhone, even though you might see it working here with the iPhone simulator. You can disable the Flash plugin in your computer browser temporarily to make the simulator more lifelike.

test website on iphone emulator

The virtual keyboard and the buttons on the iPhone browser are just for show, just use your physical keyboard on your computer to enter your website URL to the address bar and press Enter to load a website. Only the reload button on the iPhone simulator works.

Update April 2018: the online iPad simulator was discontinued. we added the link to the Firefox mobile view guide.

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