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iOS 8 has added the time-lapse video (fast motion mode). If you own an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, or an iPhone iPad that has been upgraded to iOS 8, you can now use your phone to shoot time-lapse video. Just open the default Camera app on iPhone or iPad, you will see a time-lapse option, tab on it to activate the time-lapse on iPhone or iPad. Time-lapse photography is a technique we record videos at a frame rate which is much lower than that used to view the film frames sequence. iPhone 6, or 6 plus will capture each frame at 10 second intervals in the fast motion mode. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. On the contrary, you can also record videos in slow motion on iPhone.

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What is Time-Lapse Video for iPhone iPad?

Time-lapse works by auto-shooting an image at a pre-configured interval, it’s stuck at 10 second intervals on iOS 8. You can not change the exposure rate or time-lapse video intervals on your iPhone or iPad. (See how you can manually adjust exposure on iPhone iPad when shooting photos or recording videos.) The feature comes in handy when iPhone owners want to capture a sunset, the clouds in the sky, etc. You should find many time-lapse videos taken on iPhone on YouTube.

Note that videos will be taken at full resolution, it only the video frames or intervals changed under the time-lapse mode on your iPhone or iPad. By reducing the frame rates of videos or exposure rate on iPhone iPad, you will also find the output video has much smaller file size. Say when you shoot a normal video for about 20 seconds without turning on the time lapse features on iPhone iPad, you will save a 30MB video on your Camera Roll, however when the time-lapse video is enabled on iPhone or iPad, you will get a video for around 3MB. Thus it can save you a lot of precious space on iOS device. Time-lapse videos will be saved in the Camera Roll.

When you have captured time lapse videos on iPhone, you can publish and share on YouTube, upload iPhone video to your website or blog, transfer iPhone videos to computer and play iPhone videos on TVs.

6 thoughts on “Time-Lapse Video iPhone iPad”

  1. Please create any software which convert time lapse video to normal.
    Its very much necessary. So please upload software.

  2. I used my 8.0 ipad to make a video but it taped in time lapse mode. Is there anyway I can convert to normal mode?

    1. I am afraid you can’t convert time-lapse videos to normal videos. As videos recorded in the time-lapse mode has much less video frames than normal videos. You can use a video converter to slow down the play speed and thus make time-lapse videos more like normal videos. You can download and try this video editor. It can convert, edit time-lapse videos, for example, you can use this tool to edit its play speed from 1x to 1/5x, then export the video.
      This tool can also help you export or extract any frame of the time-lapse video and save them as static photos.

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