Tom Hanx Movie and Hanx Writer

I just watched an old movie last night called Cast Away. The famous movie star Tom Hanx starred in this film as a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. Tonight after finishing my emails on iPad, I open the App Store and find there is an app named Hanx Writer tops the Top Charts in the Free category. Is this the same Hanx, the movie star? The app description reads, “Behold, Hanx Writter, created by Tom Hanx.” Also Tom Hanx photo is included in one of the app screenshots. I am so curious and cannot help but download the app to iPad immediately.

Tom Hanx Writer App Photo Gallery

Why should you use Hanx Writer App?

Just as the app description says, the Hanx Writer recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the ease and speed of an iPad. You will like the sounds when you typing on iPad with it. You will like the background color, the theme of the app. It creates a dynamic manual typing vibe you will miss. You will enjoy the look, feel, and sound of good, old-fashioned word-processing. Here is the main interface of Hanx Writer app on iPad.

hanx writer app main interface

“With Hanx Writer, you’ll hear the rhythm of your work with SHOOK SHOOK or FITT-FITT.” – Tom Hanks

Each document crafted in Hanx Writer can be emailed, printed, and shared and has its own unique statement-making personality. Your document will be saved and shared in PDF file format with beautiful layout. You can export it to iBooks, open it in a web browser, attached it to emails, etc.

save and share options hanx writer app

Download Hanx Writer App for iPad

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