New tools to Backup & Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone

A new version of the iPhone data recovery software has just been released. You can see some of the long waited features with this iPhone recovery program, such as the WhatsApp messages transfer and backup. WhatsApp will back up your chat history every day, however it will only keep your backup for the last 7 days only. If you want to keep a full backup of your chats in WhatsApp, you need to use a third party WhatsApp backup tool. In this article we will introduce the new WhatsApp transfer tool, WhatsApp backup and restore tool separately.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android or another iPhone

If you plan to upgrade to a new phone and do not want to leave out the WhatsApp chat history on the old phone, you can now download the iPhone data recovery first. Then install the WhatsApp transfer and backup add-on from the More Tools tab. The iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore screen looks like below.

whatsapp messages transfer and backup tools with iphone recovery

Click “Transfer WhatsApp messages“, you will then be prompted to connect both your iPhone and the other phone to the PC or Mac via USB. The two phones will be listed side by side.

transfer whatsapp messages from iphone to android phone

The first iPhone connected to computer will be displayed on the left side by default, which means it is the source device to transfer data from. The other iPhone or Android phone will be on the right, that is the phone we will copy WhatsApp data to. If you find two iPhone are not in the right position, click the Flip button between them to switch between a source and target device. After that, simply click the Transfer button at the bottom section to transfer WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another, or from iPhone to Android phone. You can find more details from this article to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android mobile phones.

Note that currently it does not allow users to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, or from Android to Android. Also if you have existing WhatsApp data on the target phone, they will be wiped during the transfer process. So if you have important messages or other WhatsApp data saved on the target phone, you need to back up them to an external storage first. You may consider following solution to back up all WhatsApp chats to computer.

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer

This Whatsapp data backup solution will backup all your WhatsApp chat history, including photos, videos received in Whatsapp from iPhone to computer. This is the one-click full WhatsApp backup solution. To export messages, photos, videos from WhatsApp on iPhone to a PC or Mac becomes extremely easy with this new WhatsApp backup tool. Basically what you need to do is to launch this WhatsApp backup tool on your computer, then connect up iPhone to computer via USB, the WhatsApp backup tool will detect your phone, you just need to click the Backup button to instantly back up WhatsApp messages and files from iPhone to PC or Mac.
backup whatsapp messages from iphone to computer

Backup WhatsApp chats using iPhone data backup

Unlike the WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to computer as mentioned above, sometimes you may want to selectively back up or transfer some WhatsApp chats and files to computer. The above software has a new iPhone data backup and restore tool can also help you with that.

You can refer to this guide to backup any WhatsApp messages, files from iPhone to computer. Your WhatsApp messages on iPhone can be saved as HTML and CSV files on your computer, you can open and read them using any web browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome…) or a spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers…). Along with Whatsapp chat history, the received files and documents in WhatsApp chats will also be transferred and saved from iPhone to PC or Mac computer.