Top 2 Flash Slideshow Makers Comparison

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is widely acknowledged that both Wondershare studio and Socu studio are renowned for devoting themselves to offering first-class slideshow makers, flash gallery builders at competitive prices. Wondershare studio has developed the famous Flash Gallery Factory and favored by thousands of webmasters. Flash Slideshow Maker Professional from Socu studio is also another popular flash slideshow video tool. Are they both good options? Which one should you choose if you want to get a flash slideshow and gallery builder?

Review the best Flash Slideshow Makers – Are they both good options?

To help you make the decision, we composed this flash slideshow creator review and comparison. In this software comparison, we will review both their features, performance, prices and technical support.

Flash Slideshow Makers Pricing

This is one of the most important reasons we recommend and review these two flash gallery creators. We think they both offer high quality software products with unbeatable prices. Coincidentally they both cost USD50. It seems to be moderate, it is not very cheap. But considering the numerous beautiful flash templates and design, it is worthwhile.


Features of Flash Slideshow Makers

This is the most exciting part when we review the two flash slideshow gallery makers. They are both simple flash photo slideshow makers. You really do not need any learning to start building flash galleries for website display and offline presentations. They are designed with intuitive interface and clear workflow. They even have quick start wizard for dummies which can guide you to create flash photo slideshow in minutes with ease and fun. Wait a second, can you please specify how can I create flash slideshow in minutes? Do you mean I do not have to learn flash code or even HTML coding? No, not at all.

Templates based Flash gallery makers

These two flash slideshow builders are both template based photo to gallery creators. The basic workflow is import your high definition photos into the slideshow creator, choose a made ready theme you like, then the flash generator will automatically export the flash slideshow. After that you can upload the flash gallery slideshow onto your websites, blogs or save them on your hard disk for offline presentations on computers.


Wonderful dynamic Flash gallery templates built-in

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory provides over 100 amazing flash templates, more than 40 free themed templates to help you create slideshows for special events like wedding, holiday, etc. If you want to make flash banners, it also has more than 60 flash banner templates that are suitable for both individual blogs, business websites, online shopping portals and so on. Likewise, the Flash Slideshow Maker Professional includes more than 100 Flash templates that are ready to pick up and apply instantly. Based on our experience, we found that Wondershare studio flash gallery creator wins in the aspect of gallery templates. Because Wondershare has more professional themes, they are elegant and stunning enough to surprise both yourself and your slideshow audiences. Most important of all, Wondershare flash gallery maker provides the themed templates for events and occasions. Another benefit of the Wondershare slideshow gallery builder is the great freedom and flexibility it allows. You could turn your still photos to life with dozens of transition and motion effects, and apply free clip arts and text effects to decorate your photo slideshow.

Music Flash slideshow galleries

The two best flash slideshow gallery makers support music input. You can add music songs to your photo shows to get more professional output. Without music a photo show may appear to be dull and boring, your audiences may lose their patience especially when you have a long flash show. How to attract your website visitors or audiences and make sure they can enjoy the whole slideshow from the first beginning to the very ending? Your audiences will like well organized photo sequence, variable transitions, text explanations, and the background music. These two flash gallery makers support audio input in MP3, WAV, WMA formats. To add music to your slideshows is just as easily as you add extra photos to the flash gallery makers.

Publish and Share photo galleries

Wondershare flash gallery factory wins again when it comes to output options as it support output formats like SWF, EXE, XML, HTML, Email, Screen Saver. The flash slideshow maker however only supports SWF, XML, HTML.

Flash gallery builders technical support

When it comes to technical support, we like the Wondershare support team. They offer Live chat support which you can get instant help when you meet trouble using their flash slideshow gallery software. You can also get support through Twitter which is pretty cool. They offer also traditional support channels like email support or online support center. 80% of the customers can find answers in Wondershare Quick FAQs and online knowledgebase.[/vc_column_text][dt_call_to_action content_size=”normal” text_align=”left” background=”no” line=”false” style=”0″ animation=”none”][dt_button size=”big” animation=”none” color=”” link=”” target_blank=”true”]Find out more about Flash Gallery Factory for Windows[/dt_button][/dt_call_to_action][dt_testimonials type=”slider” columns=”2″ number=”12″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” category=”wondershare-flash-gallery-factory-standard-for-windows-testimonials”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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