Android Music Transfer

android musicAndroid music transfer has never been easier since we now have the MobileGo Android data transfer software. We found this great Android transfer tool at the first place for Android photos and videos transfer, later we realized it is so powerful to back up or restore other Android data, including music, apps, contacts, text messages and so on. In this guide, we will discuss how to transfer Android music to computer for backup or sharing, and how it can help Android users to upload music from computer to their Android for playback on the go. If you have not downloaded the Android data transfer tool yet, you can get it now from below links.

Now follow us step by step to get your music copied over from computer to Android or from Android to computer.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android or from Android to Computer?

Step 1. Start Android data transfer on your computer

Install and run Android data transfer on your PC or Mac. The ongoing development of this transfer software is compatible with latest OS systems for computer and most recent Android devices and releases.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone or tablet to computer

Your Android device can be connected to computer using the USB data cord, or even use your wi-fi network. Basically a simple USD data cable connection is easy enough, no more configuration or tweaks required, no bumps on the way. When you connect Android to computer, the Android data transfer tool will display your Android device in its home screen like this:

android data transfer

Step 3. Transfer music from computer to Android or from Android to computer

The Android data transfer tool looks like a FTP client which we use to upload files from computer to website server or download files from server to local computer. In this case, your Android phone acts like the server, you use this Android data transfer to download files from Android to computer or upload files from computer to Android. To transfer music from computer to Android, go to the Music section from the left side navigation panel, you will get a screen like below.

android music transfer

Once this Android music transfer tool opens, the music exchange becomes quite self-explanatory. To transfer music from Android to computer, select the music at first, then click Export button to download the music from Android to computer. It can help you backup music from Android to PC in just a few clicks. To transfer Android music files to computer from time to time so you can recover them in case of data loss. Otherwise you need to use an Android data recovery tool to retrieve deleted music on Android phone. To export music from Android phone to PC is extremely easy using this mobile transfer tool. On the contrary, to transfer music from computer to Android, click the Add button to browse to your media library or music album on your PC or Mac, then select and import any music songs from computer to Android. The music swap between Android and computer is very straightforward and easy.

More Android Data Transfer Tips

As we have mentioned above this Android transfer is able to copy or move many different data or file types. It is an easy to use Android data backup tool. For example, you can refer to this guide see how to use Android data transfer to back up and restore Android SMS messages. Check out following guides, see how the Android transfer can help you backup, restore or exchange Android data:

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