Transfer apps from HTC to Samsung phone via Bluetooth

I have some trip app want to transfer from my old HTC phone to the new Samsung galaxy mobile. There are different ways we can send files from one Android phone to another. Bluetooth is definitely the best way if you like to send only a few files. It does not require any cable, computer or internet connection. You can simply pair two devices via Bluetooth, then select and transfer the APK file from one phone to another through Bluetooth.

Easy steps to transfer apps from HTC to Samsung phone via bluetooth

On the HTC mobile phone, open the stock File Manager app, switch to the Category tab, tap APK to find all app installers. If you can’t find the app installation file here, you can switch to the Internal Storage tab in File Manager, then open AppMarket >> Download, all apps downloaded via the HTC AppMarket should be found here. Note that the HTC AppMarket has the option to automatically remove installer package after installing. If you can’t find the apk file, most likely you have turned on this option. In File Manager, select the app apk file, choose More…, then Share via >> Bluetooth. You will then be prompted to turn on Bluetooth on the phone. Now go to activate Bluetooth on both HTC phone and other Android phones and connect them via Bluetooth. See this guide to pair two Android phones via Bluetooth for more details with screenshots.

To pair HTC phone with a Samsung Galaxy phone, you may also need to make your Samsung phone is visible so the HTC mobile can scan and find it. Go to the Bluetooth management screen on Samsung mobile phone, tap More options >> Visibility timeout. Then choose a time period for your device to remain visible. Or when you see your Samsung phone is only visible to paired devices under the My Device section, tap your Samsung phone name so your phone will be visible to all nearby devices for a certain period of time. You should initiate the pairing as soon as possible after you turn on visibility.

When you have selected the apk file to send from HTC to Samsung phone and Bluetooth have been enabled on both phones, you will see the file transfer prompt on Samsung phone screen, touch Accept to receive the apk file. When the transfer has finished, run the My Files app on Samsung phone, browse to Device Storage >> Download folder, you can find the received APK file here. You can tap to install the received app package from here. If your install was blocked, head to your phone security settings to allow installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. You will have the option to temporarily allow the current installation only without turning on the installation of apps from unknown sources permanently.

Share more files via Bluetooth

Almost all smartphones nowadays are Bluetooth enabled. It provides us a very convenient way to copy all kinds of files and documents between different phones and other compatible devices. Except sharing data between two phones via Bluetooth, you can also make use of it to exchange files between a mobile phone and computer. For instance, you can follow these steps to transfer photos between Xiaomi Redmi and PC through Bluetooth. Even your mobile data or internet connection can be shared over Bluetooth. Check out following tutorial to share internet connection on Samsung phone via Bluetooth.