Transfer, Backup, Restore Android SMS Messages

If you have an Android phone and want to transfer any or all text messages from your mobile to computer for backup, you can use an Android phone management and transfer tool. MobileGo for Android is such a software to help you achieve that. Unlike many other mobile app or Android tools that are too difficult to use, this utility is designed for all Android users, it is extremely easy to use, requires no professional skills. In this guide, we will demonstrate how you can backup and restore SMS messages from/to Android phones. Excerpt the SMS Messages transfer, it can do a lot more. We will not discuss its many other features or benefits in this tutorial though. If you like, you can download it for free below and explore it later.

If you want to backup your text messages from Android to PC or Mac, you can transfer the SMS from Android to computer using this tool. If you like to switch to a new phone, you can also transfer text messages from old Android phone to computer, then restore the text messages to your new Android phone. So basically there are two steps: 1) backup text messages from Android to computer; 2) restore text messages from computer to Android phone.

How to Back up SMS Messages from Android phone to Computer?

You will never thought it can be so easy to backup SMS messages on Android phones. What you need to do is simply connect your Android phone to computer via USB, then select or create a folder on your computer to save your text messages on the phone, finally transfer selected or all text messages from Android phone to computer in just one click. Before we are going to backup SMS on Android phones, go to download this Android SMS transfer tool on to your PC or Mac computer below.

Download and install the Android mobile manager above. Then follow below steps to transfer SMS messages from mobile to computer.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB
MobileGo will automatically detect your phone connection, you will see a screen like this:

export text messages from Samsung phone to computer

Step 2. Transfer SMS from Android mobile to computer
Click to open the SMS tab from the left navigation panel, all your text messages on cell phone will be displayed on the right. You can click to view any selected conversations, you can delete, backup and restore any conversation entries or text messages.

To back up messages from your smartphone to PC or Mac, click the Export button from the top tool bar. You will then see a pop-up dialogue where you can browse to any folder on your computer to save the text message transfer from your Android smartphone.

Restore Text Messages from computer to Android phone

When you have a previous SMS Messages backup of Android phone saved on computer, you can transfer the text message from computer to Android phone. Go to the SMS section of the MobileGo for Android, click the Import button from the top tool bar, you will then open a dialogue where you can browse to the SMS Messages backup on your computer and restore the text message backup file from computer to Android mobile. Make sure to back up your text messages as XML file format, so you can restore the backup file to the phone later.

Restore text Messages without backups

When you lost or deleted important SMS messages without backups, you need to use a mobile data recovery tool to retrieve them, for example, you can recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy phones. This solution can directly search deleted data from our mobile phone’s internal storage and SD cards if any to extract those deleted data before they are overwritten by new files.

How to transfer SMS from phone to phone?

Although the above SMS export and import solutions can help you copy text messages from one phone to computer, then from computer to another phone. It is not very convenient for data migration between two mobile phones. Check out this tutorial to copy text messages from HTC to Samsung phone. This solution however can directly copy files from one phone to another without the need of saving data from phone to a computer first.