Transfer bookmarks from Firefox to a new computer

There are different ways you can move or migrate bookmarks from Firefox browser to a new computer. Firefox browser has the built-in bookmarks management utilities you can use to easily transfer all your bookmarks to another PC. Here’s how.

Backup bookmarks from Firefox on the old PC

Launch Firefox web browser on the old machine. Click the Menu button at the top right corner, you will see the drop-down menu. Here choose Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks, you will then open a new dialogue where you can view, organize all your bookmarks, backup bookmarks, import bookmarks.

firefox browser bookmarks backup restore, export, import

Choose Import and Backup > Backup. Then choose a location and folder to save the bookmarks backup file.

Transfer bookmarks backup file from the old computer to the new one

You can email yourself the bookmarks backup file, share it through Bluetooth, export it to a USB drive, or use other file transfer tools to send it from the old computer to the new one. Following are some of the most popular file sharing apps you can choose from:

  • Snapdrop: a progressive web app for local file sharing. You don’t have to install extra apps on your computer. Simply open it using your web browsers to send files from one computer or device to another wirelessly over Wi-Fi.
  • LANDrop: free file transfer for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux. It also works over Wi-Fi.
  • ZAPYA: a free, fast, wireless, cross-platform file transfer for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/PC, and Mac.

Restore bookmarks to Firefox on the new computer

Run Firefox browser on the new desktop or laptop. Go to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Restore > Choose File.

You will then get a warning saying the restore will replace current bookmarks with the backup. Hit OK button to proceed, all bookmarks from the backup file will be imported to the new Firefox installation on your new computer.