Transfer books from PC to Kindle using Calibre

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There are various ways you can send books from computer to Kindle book reader. If you use Calibre to download, view and read books on your PC, you can directly import books from Calibre to your Kindle. Here’s how you can transfer books from a desktop or laptop to your Kindle using Calibre.

First of all, we need to add the books from computer hard drive to Calibre library. If not yet, simply drag the ebook into the Calibre window from your computer using Windows File Explorer. Alternatively, you can click Add books button at the top left corner of Calibre, then browse to where the books are saved on your computer and import them to Calibre. You can click the down arrow icon next to the Add books button for more import option, such as Add books from a single folder, Add from folders and sub-folders, Add multiple books from archive(ZIP/RAR), etc. Once the books added to Kindle, they will appear in the Library list.

Transfer books from PC to Kindle using Calibre

Connect your Kindle to computer using a USB cable. You’ll then see Send to Kindle and Device show in the Calibre toolbar. Click to select a book or press Shift key and click to select multiple books in Calibre library, then hit the Send to Kindle button at the top toolbar to transfer all selected books from Calibre to Kindle. Other than that, you can right-click the selected book(s), then choose Send to Device from the pop-up menu and then Send to Main Memory option.

If the ebook is not in .mobi format, Calibre will ask if you want to convert the book before transferring.

Once you’ve transferred all of the eBooks from Calibre to Kindle, click the drop-down icon next to the Device button and select Eject This Device. Finally unplug your Kindle from PC.

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