Transfer Calendar from Android to another Android

All smartphones come with built-in calendar apps that can make our life easier to manage. You can schedule meetings, appointments in Calendar apps, create and organize events and tasks, create reminders and alerts, etc. Although calendar apps essentially offer the same basic info with different layout, UI and options, it is difficult to find built-in utilities that we can use to export and import your Calendar events and reminders from one phone to another. There are some great third-party apps that can help you transfer Calendar events, appointments and reminders across different phones and even platforms.

phone transfer to copy data from phone to phone

There are many mobile phone data transfer software can help you with data migration from old phone to new phone. The best option is TunesGo, a powerful and easy-to-use phone manager for both iOS and Android users. They are desktop software that work with Windows and Mac computers.

Download the phone manager software on to your Windows PC or Mac computer below.

There are mainly two steps to get your Calendar data moved to the new phone. Firstly backup Calendar events from old phone to new phone using the backup tool in the phone manager software. Then restore the Calendar backup from computer to the new phone using the built-in restore tool.

Step 1. Back up Calendar from Android to computer

Run the phone manager software on your computer. In this demo, we will use its Windows version. Mac users may see slight difference in appearance. Go to enable USB debugging on Android phone first. Then connect your phone to computer with USB cable. If the USB debugging is not enabled on the phone, the phone manager software can’t recognize your device. If you do not know how to do it, just connect your phone to PC via USB, you will be prompted to turn on USB debugging on the phone with the detailed instructions displayed. The steps may vary depending on the Android version your phone is currently running on.

Once your phone is successfully connected, switch to the Toolbox tab in TunesGo, select Backup Device, see screenshot as below.

tunesgo mobile phone content backup restore tools

Now you will have the chance to select content(s) to backup, including contacts, messages, calendars, call logs, music, videos, photos, apps, app data. You can choose to backup Calendar events and appointments along with any other file types to computer. And there will be settings you can change the backup location. Finally click the Backup button at the bottom to backup Calendar events and tasks from Android phone to computer.

backup calendar from mobile phone to pc using tunesgo

Step 2. Restore Calendar from backup on computer to another Android

Disconnect the first phone from computer. Turn on USB debugging on the second phone and connect it to computer via USB. Again head to the Toolbox tab. Choose Restore Device, select the Calendar backup file, then restore it to your new mobile phone. Again if your backup file contains other file types, you will have the option to choose files before restore them from the backup file to your mobile phone.

restore calendar events from pc to mobile phone using tunesgo

Now the Calendar data has been transferred from one Android phone to another. Go to the receiver device, launch the stock Calendar app on the phone and double check to make sure your Calendar events, appointments, tasks, reminders have all be copied over.