How to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung

If you want to switch from BlackBerry to another phone, you should consider iPhone or Adroind phones. iOS and Android are the two most successful mobile OS. For Android phones, you have a wide selection, such as Samsung which should be your best choice, others like HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Lenovo, etc. In this article, we will using Samsung as the example to show you how to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android phones. Easy to follow for Samsung and Android beginners. Except transferring contacts from Blackberry to Samsung, you can also use the same method and tool to transfer contacts from Blackberry to HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Lenovo or other Android mobile phones. Check out this guide, if you want to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung?

To migrate your phone numbers and contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung, you need to: 1) back up BlackBerry data to computer; 2) restore BlackBerry contacts to Samsung from the backup. We will break down to the details with screenshots below.

Step 1. Backup BlackBerry contacts to computer
To back up BlackBerry contect from the mobile to your computer, you need to use BlackBerry Desktop, the official data management software from BlackBerry. If you have already installed it on your computer, you can skip the downloding and continue with the rest steps below. Otherwise, you need to download and install it.

Once you connect your BlackBerry to computer, the BlackBerry Desktop software will recognize the device and offer you the backup option. See below screenshot.

backup blackberry contacts to computer

Click Back up now button and follow the on-screen tips to back up your mobile data from BlackBerry to computer. You can choose a custom or quick backup, if you are not sure, simply do a full backup so all data will be exported from BlackBerry to your computer.

Step 2. Transfer BlackBerry contacts to Samsung

The BlackBerry contacts have been exported from your mobile to computer. They are saved as a backup file on your PC or Mac along with other data you have backed up. Now what we need to do is to use a tool to extract the contacts from BlackBerry backup and import them to Samsung. We recommend MobileTrans, a professional mobile data transfer, backup, restore, erase software for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc. You can download it on to your PC or Mac below.

Launch the mobile transfer program, you will see its main interface like this.

mobile transfer main interface

Currently it can help you transfer mobile data from phone to phone, it can help you back up phone to computer, retore phone data from backups, erase content on mobile phones, with more new features under development, more new mobile phones to be supported. Up to 3000 phones and models are supported currently.

We are going to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung phones, so choose the “Restore From Backups” option. After that, the mobile data transfer software will scan for the BlackBerry backup automatically. You do not need to manually find out where your BlackBerry desktop software has saved your backup to. The phone data transfer tool will do it for you. You just need to manually confirm or pick up the BlackBerry backup file from the list if multiple backups have been made.

how to transfer contacts from blackberry to samsung

Secondly choose the file type from the “Select content to restore” section. Choose contacts and optionally you can also tick other files if like. As you may also want to transfer text messages from BlackBerry to Samsung like many others, also photos, video. For example, it can help you transfer photos and videos from an Android phone to iPhone.

Finaly click the Start Copy button to migrate your BlackBerry data to its new home, your new Samsung mobile.