Transfer Contacts to iPhone through Email

iphone contactsWe know that you can sync contacts from your computer to iPhone through iTunes. iTunes can help you sync contacts with Outlook, Google Contacts, Windows Address Book, Yahoo Address Book, etc. However the easiest way to transfer contacts to iPhone would be simply send a copy of your contacts as email attachment, then open this email on your iPhone and import the contacts from there. If you are looking for a way to export contacts from Windows Live Mail and import them to iPhone, you can follow these steps to transfer contacts from Windows Live Mail to iPhone.

Steps to transfer your contacts to iPhone through email

1. Save your email contacts as a VCF file on your local computer.
2. Send yourself a new email with the vCard attachment.
3. Open the email containing the contacts on your iPhone.
4. Tap on the VCF attachment, you will be prompted to import the contacts from the attachment to your address book on iPhone.

Check out this guide with screenshots for more details: Transfer VCF Contacts to iPhone via Email.

Import vCard VCF to iPhone — Easier way

You can also use a iPhone data import, export, transfer and management tool for this job. For example, this guide shows you how to import vCard VCF from computer to iPhone. It is more intuitive and straightforward than contacts import via email.

Many email service providers and email clients allow you to export your contacts as VCF file, like MS Outlook, Foxmail, MS Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail and so on. See this article to export contacts from Gmail as VCF format.