How to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone?

Well, Nokia Symbian and iPhone iOS seems to be two closed mobile OS, to transfer contacts and other mobile data from Nokia to iPhone would have scared many users away when they are considerring to switch from Nokia to iPhone. To help those Nokia users who like to take the plunge into the iOS ecosystem, we recommend MobileTrans, a mobile phone data transfer. It has the facility to help you transfer contacts, phone numbers, text messages, photos, videos, and more data from one phone to another. It not only transfer mobile files from one to another, it can also help you back up mobiles to computer, restore phone data from a backup on computer, etc. Now follow below instructions to see how to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone in simple steps.

How to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone?

Let’s go to download the mobile transfer software prior to the contacts transfer. Both Mac and Windows versions are free to download and try.

Ready to give it a test drive now? Just follow below steps. You won’t know how easy it actually is before you try.

Step 1. Connect up your mobile phones to computer.

Once you connect both the Nokia phone and iPhone to your Mac or PC through USB, the mobile file transfer program will automatically detect and identify them. You will get a screen like this.

transfer contacts from nokia to iphone

Step 2. Select Contacts and files to copy.

Now you have the chance to select phone contacts or other data on your Nokia that you like to copy over to iPhone. It is really time saving to copy data around different mobile devices using this mobile transfer tool. It is efficient, as it saves so many steps we would normally need when using other tools or methods. The source phone and target phone sit side by side. You select what kind of data you like to copy from the source device, then it can sent over in just one click. In this case, we are going to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone, so tick the Contacts in the “Select Content to Copy” column.
copying contacts from nokia to iphone

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone in one click

To transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone is now just one click away, hit the Start Copy button in blue, then all your contacts on Nokia mobile will be copied over to iPhone. If like, you can also transfer other data such as the text messages from Nokia to iPhone at the same time. Mobile data transfer has really made easy with this tool.

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This mobile data transfer is compatible with Nokia Symbian cell phones, not those on Windows Phone system yet. Also all iPhone models and iOS versions are supported, such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iOS 7, iOS 8, etc.