How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung?

Switching phones could be a pain like many people say. You need to re-configure emails on the new phone, transfer contact numbers, photos and other data from the old phone to the new one. Don’t be nervous, with a proper mobile data transfer tool it can really be easy. In this article, we will be using Nokia (Symbian) and Samsung smartphones as the example to show you how to transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung. You will also be able to transfer other data such as text messages, photos, videos as well.

How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung?

Before we go to transfer mobile data from a Nokia which is running on Symbian to a Android powered Samsung smartphone, go to download the mobile transfer software at first. If you want to find out more feature of it, see Mobile Transfer review here. Both Mac and Windows versions can be downloaded for free below.

Now follow below steps to copy your phone numbers, photos and more data from Nokia to Samsung phones.

Step 1. Connect up both Nokia and Samsung to computer.
You can connect them up via USB. After that the mobile transfer utility will identify the devices and you will get a screen like below.
transfer contacts from Nokia to Android phones

Step 2. Choose contacts to copy
You will see a list of all transferrable files or data, tick Contacts from the list. Optionally you can also choose and transfer SMS text messages from Nokia to Samsung at the same time.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung

Once you have selected the file type, hit the Start Copy button to copy them over from the source phone to the target phone.
copying contacts from Nokia to Android phones
Now download the transfer tool for mobiles and give it a try by yourself. Like so many others, you never thought you would get mobile data sent from one to another so easily. And do not be afraid to enterring into the Android world. It is more powerful and easier to use than other mobile OS. To put together a Samsung phone, like the Galaxy series, with the powerful mobile system, it is really a good start.

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