Transfer Contacts from PC to iPhone through TunesGo

iphone contactsTo transfer contacts from Windows computer to iPhone is not an easy task. If youw want to export contacts from Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Address Book on PC and import them into iPhone Contacts app you will run into all kinds of problems. Most of them allows you to export contacts as .CSV file, but this is not compatible format with iPhone. iPhone accepts VCF contact file format, you can see how to transfer VCF contacts to iPhone in this guide. Windows Address Book can’t export multiple or all contacts as VCF file at once. Windows Live Mail allows you to export multiple or all selected contacts, but instead of a single VCF file, you get many separated VCF files. Outlook or Outlook Express does not support VCF export at all. If you want to sync or transfer your local address book or contacts from PC to iPhone, we recommend TunesGo. This is a great iTunes alternative. It can not only help you transfer contacts from VCF file, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book to iPhone, transfer contacts from iPhone to Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book on PC, but also export contacts from iPhone to computer in CSV, VCF files. Now get the iPhone file transfer software on to your computer below.
ios transfer for windows

How to easily transfer Contacts from PC to iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to PC via USB data cable. Then run the iPhone transfer software on your laptop or desktop computer. Click Information >> Contacts >> Add. You will then get a list of iPhone contacts import options as following:

  • Import contacts from vCard file to iPhone;
  • Import contacts from Windows Address Book to iPhone;
  • Import contacts from CSV file to iPhone;
  • Import contacts from Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 to iPhone.

transfer contacts from windows pc to iphone using dcfon ios transfer

quotation markNote that we use the iOS transfer for Windows on the demo. You will get different contacts import options when you use the Mac version.

Choose the contacts import option whether it is a VCF, CSV file on your computer, your Windows Address Book, Outlook client. Then this iPhone data transfer software will read your local address book or contact list on PC and you will be prompted to confirm contacts import to iPhone. Click OK button, then all detected contacts on your PC will be imported to iPhone in seconds.

Contacts Transfer from PC to iPhone FAQ & Troubleshooting

If you have trouble transferring contacts from computer to iPhone following above instructions. You can check below FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

Can I transfer contacts from PST to iPhone or do I need to convert PST to VCF or vCard file?

Getting Outlook contacts to iPhone has always been a headache for many iPhone users. You can not export Outlook contacts as VCF or vCard file. We have already showed you how to import Outlook contacts to iPhone directly above. However if you have already exported or saved contacts from Outlook as PST file, is there any way to transfer contacts from PST to iPhone or do I need to convert PST to VCF or vCard file? PST is not compatible with iPhone. You do not need to convert PST to VCF. You can simply import PST file to Outlook on your computer, then use above transfer tool to transfer contacts from Outlook to iPhone directly.

How to transfer contacts from CSV to iPhone or can I convert CSV to VCF?

CSV is the most common format, universally supported. Many email clients or email service providers like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, and more allow users to export contacts as CSV files. This is another very common file format which is not compatible with iPhone. You can add CSV contact to iPhone directly using above iPhone file transfer program. No need to import CSV contact file to Outlook or Windows Live Mail first.

Update May 2018: this guide was originally published in 2015. since the Tunesgo was integrated into the iPhone toolkit, we updated the post accordingly.

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