Two easy ways you can transfer contacts from PC to iPhone

This post is about how to transfer contacts, name cards from Windows computer to iPhone. Below you will see two different methods to import contacts from PC to iPhone or iPad using with a mobile data transfer tool and email. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the better one for yourself.

Send contacts from PC to iPhone via email

Email is a fast way to share files between different devices that have access to the internet. When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can login your email account on PC and send yourself the contacts file; then login the same email account on your iPhone to download the contacts. This works only if your contacts are saved as vCard files in VCF format on computer. If your name cards are saved as CSV or other file, your iPhone won’t be able to read them. On your iOS device, you need to set up your email using the stock Mail app or any other third-party mail clients. For your info, you can refer to this tutorial to setup Hotmail, Outlook, Live mail on iPhone.

Open the email on iPhone, tap the attached VCF contacts file, you will then get the option to import contacts from mail to the Contacts app on iPhone directly.

import contacts from email to iphone

Tap Add All Contacts, then an action menu at the bottom shows up. You can choose Create New Contacts or Add All Contacts. If you choose the former option, they will be added as new contacts. If you choose the latter option, your iPhone will compare contacts in the VCF file with your existing name cards on iPhone so you can choose to create new contacts or merge with duplicate existing contacts.

Easiest way to transfer contacts from PC to iPhone using iPhone transfer

The iPhone Transfer is a more powerful way to help iOS users easily import data from PC/Mac to iOS device or export data from iPhone/iPad to their computer. It does not only support vCard VCF files, but also CSV contacts files and also your contacts saved in Windows Address Book and Outlook client.

import contacts from pc computer to iphone using transfer

Install the phone transfer program on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Launch it, you will see different tools from its home screen. Choose Transfer, then connect iPhone to your desktop or laptop via usb cable. Once the transfer software recognizes your iPhone, switch to the Information tab, select Contacts. You can then click Import button, then choose to import contacts from vCard file, CSV file, Windows Address Book or Outlook.