Transfer contacts between Samsung Android phones via Bluetooth

Contacts can be easily shared or transferred between mobile phones via Bluetooth. In earlier posts, we showed smartphone users how to use Bluetooth for file exchange between mobile phones, devices and computers. Check out this guide to share photos and videos between Xiaomi phones and PC via Bluetooth and this tutorial to send photos, videos, music and more between Samsung phone and Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth. Today, we will use two Samsung Android phones to demonstrate how to transfer contacts from one Samsung or Android phone to another.

Transfer contacts between Samsung Android phones via Bluetooth

Firstly disconnect both phones from any active Wi-Fi networks as it is unable to use Bluetooth tethering while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then launch Settings and turn on Bluetooth on both phones. Tap to open the Contacts app on the source phone which you like to select contacts and phone numbers to share with other phones. Tap on the More options button (three vertical dots) and choose Share name card option (differs in appearance depending on your phone model).

select and share name card on samsung mobile phone

After that you will see a list of all available options you can share the selected contacts or name cards, such as Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, etc. See below screenshot.

share name card via bluetooth from samsung mobile phone

Choose Bluetooth to send selected contacts from Samsung phone via Bluetooth. You will then get a device selection screen like below.

select and connect device via bluetooth from samsung mobile phone

Your Samsung phone will automatically detect other available devices. If you have already enabled Bluetooth on the other phone, it should be listed under the Available Devices section. Touch to select and connect the target Android phone from Samsung mobile. You will then get a File Transfer request on the other phone. Choose Accept to receive the file transfer. The contacts will be sent from Samsung or Android phone to another through Bluetooth. On the receive device, you will get a prompt about the received file via Bluetooth. Access the notifications on the phone, tap to open the receive contacts file which should be saved on your phone as VCF file format. You will be able to directly import the contacts from the VCF file to your Contacts app.

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi direct transfer

Wi-Fi direct is a great alternative to Bluetooth. You can also follow this guide to transfer contacts between Samsung and Android phones via Wi-Fi direct. If you want to copy contacts between Android and iOS device, the Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi direct transfer may not work well. In this case, you can follow this tutorial to copy contacts from Samsung to iPhone.