Transfer contacts between Samsung Android phones via Wi-Fi Direct

Contacts or name cards sharing and transfer between different phones becomes very easy nowadays. There are various options you can choose to send contacts and name cards from one phone to another when you want to upgrade phones or share contacts with other cell phone users. Contacts transfer via Wi-Fi direct and emails are two of the most popular methods. Wi-Fi direct also known as Wi-Fi P2P or Wi-Fi peer-to-peer is a greater alternative to Bluetooth. You can make use of this new technology for internet browsing, wireless file transfer, simultaneous communication with one or more devices at typical Wi-Fi speeds. In this article, we will show you how to transfer contacts from Samsung phone to other Android phones via Wi-Fi direct or exchange contacts and name card between Android phones through Wi-Fi direct.

How to transfer contacts between Samsung and Android phones via Wi-Fi Direct?

First of all, you need to enable Wi-Fi direct on both mobile phones, then connect the two mobile phones via Wi-Fi direct. You can find more details about these two steps from this guide to enable Wi-Fi Direct on Samsung and Android phones.

enable wifi direct on samsung galaxy mobile phone

Now the two phones are bound together via Wi-Fi direct. You are ready to transfer data between the smartphones via Wi-Fi direct. Open the Contacts app on your Samsung mobile phone, select the contacts or name cards you like to send via Wi-Fi direct, tap on the More options button (three vertical dots) and choose Share name card option (differs depending on your phone model).

select and share name card on samsung mobile phone

After that you will see a list of all available options you can share the selected contacts or name cards, such as Email, Bluetooth, etc. See below screenshot.

share name card via wifi direct from samsung mobile phone

Choose Wi-Fi Direct or WLAN Direct from above screen, you will then be taken a screen from which you can select available devices via Wi-Fi direct. Pick up the target device from this list, the selected contacts or phone numbers will be sent to it instantly.

select, connect device via wifi direct from samsung phone

On some mobile phones however you may also see an “Invitation to connect‘ prompt from which you can choose either to decline or accept the Wi-Fi direction connection and contacts transfer.

The contacts transfer from one phone to another via Wi-Fi direct is extremely fast. It should be a matter of seconds no matter how many contacts or name cards you want to share. You will get a prompt when the contacts transfer via Wi-fi direct has finished. On the target Samsung or other Android phone, pull down the Notification panel, then find and tap on the “File received” notification from the list, you will open a new screen and find the Wi-Fi direct inbound contacts transfer.

samsung phone wifi direct inbound contacts transfers

You will find that the Samsung contacts were sent and saved as VCard file. This is a very friendly contact file format among mobile phones. To import contacts or name cards saved as VCF or vCard file, tap on this file name, you can directly open and view contacts and phone numbers, choose Save and then select to create contact on your device, then all contacts will be imported from vCard file to the Contacts app on Samsung or other Android phones.

Share contacts between mobile phones via Email

If two people are very far away from each other, you can’t establish Wi-Fi direct connection between two phones that are not in the same place. In this case, you can choose email. Sending contacts and phone numbers through email is also a nice option. Check out this guide to send contacts from Samsung phone to iPhone through email. Before that however you will need to add your email accounts on the phones. For instance, you can refer to this tutorial to add Hotmail account to Samsung mobile phone and this guide to add Yahoo mail to Samsung phones.