Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone via email

There are different ways to copy data from one phone to another when we switch or upgrade phones. In this guide, we will talk about the contacts migration from a Samsung galaxy phone to Apple iPhone. Most Samsung smartphones are powered by Android and iPhone is running on its own iOS system. The file exchange across mobile OS has prevent many users from switching their phones. In fact, with the right tool or software the contacts transfer from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone can be very easy. In an earlier post, we demonstrated how you can copy all contacts from Samsung to iPhone with a computer in the middle. Today, we will share with all Android and iPhone users another easy way to choose and move contacts from Samsung to iPhone wirelessly through email.

Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone via email

There will be roughly three steps to complete the contacts transfer process from Samsung to iPhone through email. Firstly go to set up email account on both Samsung and iPhone if not yet. Then select and send contacts from Samsung phone via email. Finally go to receive the email on iPhone and import contacts from email attachment to iPhone Contacts app. Check out details below.

Set up email account on Samsung and iPhone

In order to send contacts from Samsung through email and receive contacts files on iPhone via email, you will have your email accounts configured on both Samsung and iPhone. We have many articles about email configuration on smartphones before. For instance, you can refer to this tutorial to add Hotmail account to Samsung mobile phone and this guide reveals the steps to set up Hotmail account on iPhone iPad. You can check out these linked articles see if any help. If you have trouble configuring your mail account on Android or iPhone, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below.

Send contacts from Samsung through email

Run the Contacts app on samsung mobile phone, select the contacts you like to send to iPhone. You can select multiple or all contacts, then choose the “Share name card” option, see below screenshot.
select and share name card on samsung mobile phone

After that you will get a pop-up dialogue with all compatible apps you can share name card through, such as Bluetooth, Email, Messages, WiFi Direct, etc. Choose Email from the options selection screen.

share name card via email on samsung mobile phone

Your Samsung mobile phone will then convert all selected contacts into a vCard file with .VCF as its extension. Meanwhile this vCard VCF file will be attached to a new email. You can compose this email, choose a mail subject and select the recipient address, then send the email with contacts file attached.

send vcard contacts through email from samsung mobile phone

Import Contacts from VCF vCard to iPhone via Email

Now go to your iPhone to receive this email. Open this email and tap on the attached contact file, you will then be able to select and import any or all contacts from vCard to iPhone. You can refer to this tutorial about importing contacts from vCard to iPhone with screenshots and more detailed instructions.