Transfer contacts from Android Samsung to iPhone

If you want to transfer from Android phones to iPhone, such as Samsung to iPhone, LG to iPhone, you may want to transfer over phone data as well. In this guide, we will discuss how to transfer contacts from Samsung and Android phones to iPhone. Normally people would expect to export contacts from Samsung mobile phone to computer as VCF formats, then send the VCF contacts from computer to iPhone. However it is really time consuming and too many steps required. MobileTrans is an easier solution to help you transfer data from one phone to another. When transferring contacts, it not just transfers contact names and phone numbers, but moves job title, email address, company name, and more. It can also help you copy over many other data and content between different mobile phones, such as text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, calendars, etc. You can find out more about this mobile data transfer software here. We will show you different ways with and without any transfer tool to transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone in easy steps below.

Easiest Way to Transfer contacts from Android or Samsung to iPhone

Step 1. Start MobileTrans on your PC or Mac

You can download both Windows and Mac versions for free below.

Step 2. Connect both Samsung mobile and iPhone to computer

You can connect up your phones to computer via USB. After that, you should see a screenshot like this. transfer contacts from samsung to iphone We will go to copy data from the phone on the left to the phone on the right. If you find your iPhone is displayed in the left column, the Samsung smartphone in the right column, you can click the Flip button between them to switch the position.

Step 3. Select contacts and other date you like to transfer

In the middle column, all compatible data types will be listed, such as contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, videos and music. To send over your contacts from Samsung mobile phone to iPhone, check the contacts option. If you like to transfer other files such as text messages from Samsung to iPhone as well, simply choose multiple options.

Step 4. Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone in one-click

Click Start Copy button in blue, your contacts and other selected files will be copied over from Samsung to iPhone. copying contacts from samsung to phone Other than copying contacts from Samsung to iPhone, you can also move your mobile contacts the other way around, refer to this guide: How to easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung?.

Transfer contacts from Android Samsung to iPhone — Youtube video demo

More Mobile Contacts & Data Transfer Tips

This mobile data transfer tool is cross-platform, works with various mobile OS, such as BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Nokia, etc. You can find out more useful tutorials below:

Some smartphone users might also think this tool is unnecessary as there are other free ways to copy contacts from one phone to another. For example, you can sync contacts through emails across different mobile phones, you can upload contacts to a free app, like WeChat, then download the contacts on to another computer. This contacts transfer solution however can help you copy contacts from phone to phone directly. It is much easier to use. Meanwhile, it is a all-in-one phone transfer utility. Not only contacts can be migrated using this tool, but many other files, like photos, videos, text messages, music songs, etc.

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