Transfer contacts from Samsung to Lenovo phone through email

There are different ways and tools that can help us copy our personal files and data from one mobile phone to another. Some requires the access to a computer, some don’t. Some requires extra apps, some can just make use of a pre-installed or system app on the phone. In an earlier guide, we have showed how you can transfer files and data from Samsung to Lenovo phone using a professional mobile phone data transfer software on a computer. This is a comprehensive data migration tool for all kinds of smartphones, Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC, Moto, Lenovo and many more. And the supported file types include contacts, text messages, calendar, apps, call logs, photos, videos, music, etc. However this method requires computer access as it is a computer software. You firstly need to download and run it on your laptop or desktop computer; then connect both phone to the PC or Mac via USB data cord; and finally use this phone transfer to select and copy data between the two connected devices. Without a computer access or the USB cables, it won’t work. Today, we will introduce you a wireless way to copy contacts from Samsung phone to Lenovo mobile. We will use the stock Mail app on our phones for the phone number or contacts transfer between Samsung and Lenovo mobile phones.

Needless to say, you will need to access Wi-Fi or turn on mobile data on the phone first. Then setup the email account on both mobile phones. You can use the same email account. And we have some tutorials that can walk you through the email setup process. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to set up Yahoo mail on Samsung mobile.

On the Samsung phone, how can you attach the contacts to an email? There are two different ways you can do that. Run Mail app on Samsung mobile, go to create a new email, then tap the Attach icon, you will then find the option to attach contacts to email on Samsung phone, see below screenshot.

attach contacts to email on samsung phone

After that you can select any or all contacts on Samsung phone and attach them to email as a VCF or vCard file. Another option is to start the Contacts app on Samsung device, then select any or all contacts, choose the ‘Share name card‘ option in the Contacts app and you will then find the option to share name card via email on Samsung mobile phone. See following screen capture.

share name card via email samsung phone

Follow the on-screen tips to send the email to yourself with the contacts attached. Your selected contacts and phone numbers will be uploaded from your Samsung phone to your email account. Now go to configure the email on your Lenovo phone. For instance, you can find out how to add Yahoo mail to Lenovo phone here.

After that, just open the email on your Lenovo mobile phone, try to open the attached VCF file on the phone, you will have the option to directly import contacts from email to your Lenovo phone. You can find more details from this guide to transfer VCF/vCard contacts to Android phone.

Can I get contacts from Samsung Kies backup file?

Kies was the official tool we use to backup and restore Galaxy smartphones. It however does not work with non-Samsung devices. If you need to extract data from Kies backup or import them to other phones, you will need a third party tool. Check out these steps to restore Samsung Kies backup to other phones to find out more specific instructions.

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