Transfer contacts between Samsung and Lenovo phones

There are different ways you can exchange contacts and name cards between two Android phones. For instance, you can send contacts or name cards from one phone to another via Bluetooth or email. For batch contacts transfer between two mobile phones however you should use a professional data transfer software, such as the Mobile Transfer, which we will use in this demo to show you how contacts can be copied between Samsung Galaxy phones and Lenovo mobile phones in just several clicks. You can download this mobile phone file transfer software now before we continue with following steps.

How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Lenovo or Lenovo to Samsung phones?

Run the mobile phone transfer tool, you will find several data transfer or management modes from its home screen. See below screenshot.

phone transfer

To copy contacts between Samsung and Lenovo phone, you should click the Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Then connect up both Samsung and Lenovo mobile phones to PC or Mac using the USB data cables. You will be prompted to turn on USB debugging on Android phones if not yet. After that you will see a screen like this.

transfer contacts between samsung and lenovo phones

From here it is actually very easy to follow. To move contacts from Samsung to Lenovo or from Lenovo to Samsung, you can click the Flip button if you find they are not in the right positions. Data will be copied from left phone to right phone. After that choose the Contacts along with other files you like to migrate, such as text messages, photos, videos, calendar, call logs, apps, music, etc. Finally click the Transfer button at the bottom section of the phone data transfer software and your selected data will be copied over instantly. You can find more details from this guide to transfer data between Samsung and Lenovo phones.

Transfer contacts between Samsung and Lenovo phones – video demo

Should you still have any other questions about contacts or other data sharing or migration between Samsung, Lenovo or other phones, leave a messages in the comment section below.