How to transfer contacts and SMS from iPhone to Android?

Want to switch to an Android phone but can’t figure out the way to move your data over? Data migration across different platforms has been a barrier for those who want to jump ship. In this article, we’ll provide you a few tips to move content from iPhone to Android. You will learn how to transfer contacts and text messages from iPhone to Android mobile phone below.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android

When switching to a new phone, the contacts and phone numbers are probably the most important data we have to migrate. Unlike those heavy media files, the contacts are usually very light and easy to be copied over.

You can enable iCloud backup on iPhone and have your contacts uploaded to Apple iCloud server. Then log in your iCloud account from a web browser on your desktop to download contacts from iCloud to computer

When you logged into iCloud for web, click the Contacts icon in your iCloud account.

access contacts backup in iCloud account from web

At the bottom left corner, click to open the Settings menu. Select Export vCard… item from the pop-up menu and follow on-screen tips to download a copy of your contacts on iCloud backup to your computer.

download contacts from icloud to computer

Apple iCloud allows users to export contacts as vCard file in VCF format from the web or upload vCard VCF file to iCloud from computer. This is a very popular file format accepted by nearly every smartphone, tablet and computer.

Once you exported contacts from iCloud to your desktop, send this VCF file to yourself through email. Go to configure your email account on Android phone if not yet. We’ve this issue covered in several articles before. For instance, you can refer to follow article to setup Hotmail account on Samsung phone, or add Yahoo mail to Samsung mobile. Open the Mail app on your Android phone to receive the email with the Contacts VCF file attached, you’ll then be able to directly import VCF contacts to Android phone via email.

Transferring text messages from iPhone to Android

Moving SMS from iPhone to Android is a lot trickier than contacts transfer. iCloud can’t help in this case. iTunes can help backup text messages from iPhone to PC or Mac, it however does not save them as normal computer readable files. iTunes encrypts the iPhone backup files. Without a specially designed software, we can’t open, decrypt or transfer it. If you want to know how, check out this tutorial to restore iPhone backups to Android.

Is it possible to transfer text messages from iPhone to Android smartphones? Thankfully, it is possible. Mobile Phone Transfer offers the most straightforward method. You do not need to create a local backup of iPhone using iTunes on your computer beforehand. This program supports direct transfer from one phone to another, even between iOS and Android devices. Run the phone transfer program on your computer, connect both iPhone and Android to computer via USB. Set the iPhone as source device and Android as target device in the mobile phone data transfer tool. Then select text messages and deselect any other files that you don’t like to copy over. Finally one click to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android phone.

Transfer text messages from iPhone to Android mobile phone

Before the SMS transfer, you might be prompted to change the default messaging app on Android in the mobile phone transfer software. Click to allow the change so it has the access to your SMS and import messages from iPhone to Android phone. Wait until all the text conversations have been copied over to your new Android phone. Then change the stock messaging app back to the default one on your phone. You can find more details from this guide to move messages from iPhone to Lenovo phone. This tutorial works with all major Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.

change default sms app by mobile transfer