Transfer Contacts from Windows Live Mail to iPhone

Windows Live Mail on PC has the built-in contact import and export function we can use to add or export address book, business card, name card. If you saved a lot of contacts and phone number in Windows Live Mail and want to sync contacts from Windows Live Mail to iPhone, this article is just for you. iTunes is the official iOS device content management software. However it is not an easy one. Many people it is difficult to use and it is very easy to lose data during iTunes sync. Luckily there are many other tools or method can help you copy data back and forth between iPhone and our computers. Let’s take the contacts sync between iPhone and computer or other mobile phones, our email is one of the best way to keep our contacts synced among multiple devices we own. Check out details below.


How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Live Mail to iPhone?

Basically you have two easy ways to transfer contacts from Windows Live Mail to iPhone. The easiest way is to add your email account to iPhone, during the setup process you will have the option to sync contacts from your email account to iPhone. If you are using a Hotmail address, you can refer to this guide to set up Hotmail account on iPhone.

add hotmail contacts to iPhone

The above method applies to many other email services as well, like Gmail, Windows Live mail, Yahoo Mail, AOL mail and many more. See this tutorial to add Gmail account to iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, just as another example.When you sync contacts from email account to iPhone, you can choose to delete existing contacts from iPhone before syncing or merge contacts from email account with existing iPhone contacts. You should merge the contacts without deleting existing contacts unless you do not want to keep existing local contacts on your iPhone. When you have deleted contacts on iPhone by mistake, you can follow the instructions here to recover deleted contacts on iPhone.

If you use different email accounts on computer and iPhone or if you want to share contacts between different email accounts, you can firstly export contacts from Windows Live Mail, then import the contact file to other email account you have. To export contacts from Windows Live Mail, run the software on your PC, go to Contacts tab, then hit the Export button from the top tool bars, you will find two options to save contacts. You can either save contacts from Windows Live Mail to computer as Comma separated values (.CSV) or Business card (.VCF).

export contacts from windows live mail

If you exported contacts from Windows Live Mail as CSV, you can directly import the contacts to many other email services. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to import contacts from computer to Hotmail. You can also find contacts import function with other email services including Gmail,, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, etc. Other than that, you can actually export contacts from Windows Live Mail as VCF file format. Then you can simply send VCF contacts to iPhone through email. Following this method, you can simply attach your vCard contact file to an email as attachment, send it to the email address which you have already added to your iPhone, then download the vCard contact file in VCF format from email to iPhone, the mail app on iPhone can open VCF file and import contacts from VCF to iPhone contacts app directly.