How to transfer contacts from Windows Live Mail to mobile phone?

Recently we have received an email from our website visitor inquiring about contacts migration from Windows PC to mobile phone. He has saved the address book in Windows Live Mail program on Windows laptop and now want to copy all the contacts from Windows Live Mail to his new Samsung galaxy phone. If you have this problem as well, check out instructions below.

Windows Live Mail software offers flexible contacts import and export options. Generally speaking you can export all contacts from the software to your PC, then restore the contacts from computer to a mobile phone. You can choose between CSV (command separated values) and VCF (business card or vCard) file formats when exporting contacts from Windows Live Mail on PC, see below screenshot.

export contacts from windows live mail

We will discuss how you can transfer CSV and VCF contacts to your mobile phones below.

How to transfer CSV contacts to your mobile phones?

The most important reason we recommend you to save contacts files in CSV format is because it is editable by popular spreadsheet programs like Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. However it is not very mobile phone friendly as VCF contacts. You may need to use professional mobile phone transfer tools to import contacts from CSV to mobile phones. Check out this tutorial to add CSV contacts to Samsung mobile through Kies.

csv vcf vcard contact files

How to transfer VCF contacts to your mobile phones?

If you use other mobile phones, like  iPhone, iPad, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, you can simply export contacts from Windows Live Mail program as VCF business card foramt, then send VCF contacts to your mobile phone through email. For example you can refer to this guide to transfer VCF contact to Android, and this one for sending VCF contact to iPhone via email. In fact, if you use the same email account on both computer and mobile phone, the contacts can be synced among multiple devices through email. Many email services should support this contacts sync feature, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL mail, etc. You can refer to following article as just an example, steps to set up Hotmail on Samsung galaxy phones.