Transfer & Convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG automatically using Tunesgo

Since iOS 11, HEIC has become the default format for photos captured on iPhone iPad. You may run into incompatibility issues When share these photos in HEIC format with Android users or transfer them to computers.

Send iPhone HEIC photos to Android

Other than converting the HEIC files to JPG JPEG or other formats using a third party image converter or editor app on iPhone or Android, you can simply send the HEIC photos via email or a chat app like WhatsApp, WeChat. The Mail app on iPhone and the chat apps can convert HEIC photos to JPEG or JPG automatically.

Transfer & Convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG on computer

If you want to transfer HEIC photos to computer, you can configure the settings on iPhone or iPad to automatically convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG when transferring to Mac or PC. What if we haven’t chosen the “automatic” mode for photo transfer, and all pictures were saved in .heic format on PC? You can follow this tutorial to batch convert HEIC photos to JPG on PC using a free HEIF utility for Windows.

Convert and transfer iPhone HEIC photos to automatically using Tunesgo

TunesGo is a phone content transfer and manager program. It allows iOS users to easily transfer files between iPhone iPad and computer. It can export photos from iPhone to computer in both HEIC and JPG format automatically. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB data cord. Run the iPhone transfer tool, it will then detect your iPhone instantly. To export photos from iPhone to computer, click Photos tab, select Camera Roll, you can then find all photos captured using your iPhone camera, select and download any or all photos/videos from iOS device to computer. If you have selected HEIC photos, you will get a prompt message as below.

convert iphone heic to jpg using tunesgo on pc

The selected photos include the new Apple Photos format – HEIC. In order to preview or share normally, we will convert HEIC to JPG and also export the source HEIC files for you.

Click the OK button the selected iPhone photos will be copied to the selected folder on your computer. The JPG copy of HEIC photos will be automatically created in the transfer process.

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