Transfer data from Android phone to HTC

To help users jump ship for their phones, mobile phone makers may ease the transition by providing free data migration tools and applications, notably the Move to iOS from Apple, Smart Switch from Samsung. Today, we will introduce the HTC Transfer Tool to those who plan to switch from other Android phones to HTC mobile phone. Need to move from iPhone? See this tutorial to move files from iPhone to HTC.

How to transfer data from Android phone to HTC mobile?

HTC Transfer Tool is the only tool you will need. You can download it from Google Play or other app stores on to the old Android phone. No need to install any apps on HTC device. This tool can help you export your contacts, messages, calendar, photos, videos, music, settings from other Android powered smartphones to HTC phone wirelessly.

transfer content from another phone to HTC

Unlock your HTC phone screen, head to Settings app, find and tap Get content from another phone, select Other Android phone, choose either Quick transfer or full transfer. Quick transfer will copy contacts from your old phone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nexus or else, to HTC mobile phone. Full transfer method can help you migrate phone numbers, SMS, photos, videos, music and more content from old phone to HTC phone. Run HTC Transfer Tool on your old phone. Your old Android phone will be connected to HTC phone with PIN. Make sure the PIN on Android phone matches the one shown on your new HTC phone, then tap Confirm to continue. If the PIN does not match, tap Retry. When you have verified the PIN on both Android and HTC phones, you will then get the Continue transfer process confirmation saying:

all data will be encrypted during the transfer process except for media files including music, video and pictures.

Tap Yes to continue. After that your files and documents will be copied from old phone to new HTC mobile phone.

Transfer data from HTC to other phones?

Like other mobile phone data transfer tool mentioned at the first beginning of this article, the HTC Transfer Tool can only help HTC users transfer in data from other phone to HTC phone, not the other way around. For example, it can help you transfer files from Samsung to HTC, from Motorola to HTC, but not from HTC to other phones. We recommend you this mobile phone data transfer. This tool can help you directly copy files from one phone to another, backup content from mobile phone to computer, restore backups from computer to mobile phones. See the steps to move files from Samsung to Lenovo mobile phones or transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi phone, just to name a few.