How to transfer data between computers via iPhone?

Do you have trouble connecting two computers in your local network to exchange data between them? Do you have a PC and a Mac and want to copy data between them? How do you send files from your computer at home to the computer at work? We might need to share data or transfer files between two or more computers from time to time in our daily life. Today we will share with you a quick solution for all these issues. You can actually use your iPhone as the wireless drive between two computers. iPhone data sync or transfer is widely recognized as complicate because Apple has not made iTunes an easy iPhone file transfer. Things have changed though with more and more user-friendly third party iPhone transfer tools and apps. We will use a iPhone Wi-Fi transfer app for this job. Firstly you can copy files and documents from computer to iPhone, then download files from iPhone to another computer. Sounds interesting? Check out details below.

Prerequisites for file transfer between computers via iPhone

  • iPhone:
    It could be any iPhone that runs on iOS 7 or later, such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, etc.
  • Data transfer app for iPhone:
    FileMaster is one of the best iPhone data transfer and file manager app which you can get for free on App Store. Check out details of this iPhone wireless transfer app here.
  • Wi-Fi connection:
    A Wi-Fi connection is required to connect to and transfer files from computer to iPhone or transfer files from iPhone to computer using FileMaster. It will be local wifi transfer between iPhone and laptop or desktop in your local network, without iTunes, without data cable. You can expect blazing fast transfer speed.

How to transfer data between computers via iPhone?

iPhone serves as the wireless USB or wireless portable drive. In the data exchange between two or more computers, you use iPhone as wireless drive in the middle. All files should be sent to iPhone at first. The files you like to transfer must be copied from source computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi, then send files from iPhone to target computer over Wi-Fi.

Step 1. Send files from computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Connect both computer and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network or wireless router. Run the wireless transfer app on iPhone, tap More… button and choose Wi-Fi Transfer to get the iPhone data transfer address.

iphone file manager wifi transfer

Access the iPhone Wi-Fi transfer address in your web browser on computer, you will be able to browse to folders and files on iPhone from your computer. See below screenshot.

send files from computer to iphone over wifi using filemaster

Click Start Upload button to browse to your hard drive and folders or files saved on your PC or Mac. Select any files or documents and upload them from your laptop or desktop computer to iPhone. You can find out more details from this guide to transfer any files from computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Send files from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi

Bring your iPhone to anywhere the target computer is. If the source computer and destination computer are at the same place, simply connect all your devices to the same network.

Again, run iPhone Wi-Fi transfer app to get the wireless transfer link and access it on the other PC or Mac which you like to send files to. Access the iPhone Wi-Fi transfer address using a web browser on computer, you can browse to where the files and documents are saved on iPhone and download them from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi. We have this issue explain in this article: how to send photos, videos, music and more files between computer and iPhone? This iPhone app is very easy to use. If you have any trouble using FileMaster app for iPhone, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.