Transfer data from iPhone & iTunes to HTC phone

Want to switch from one phone to another? Data migration could be a deal-breaker, especially when you need to move data from one platform to another, like from iOS to Android, Android to iOS. In this article, we will introduce you two ways and tools to ease the file transfer from iPhone to HTC mobile phone.

Restore iTunes backup to HTC via HTC Sync Manager

Developed by HTC, HTC Sync Manager is the official HTC phone manager tool that helps HTC users sync media, contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents from their computer with their HTC phone. HTC Sync Manager can restore iTunes backup files to your HTC phone. In a few simple steps, you can move your iPhone contacts, Calendar, SMS, photos, videos, wallpaper and bookmarks to your HTC phone.

You can download HTC sync manager for free from this link. Install it on your PC, then connect up your HTC phone to computer via USB. Make sure to allow USB debugging on the phone so the HTC sync tool can import files from computer to your phone. Go to the Home tab in HTC Sync Manager, choose Transfer & Backup from the left category. After that you will see the Transfer Content at the upper section of the sync application, see below screenshot.

transfer content from iphone to htc using htc sync manager

From the above screenshot, you will see that HTC Sync Manager can help you import data from both iPhone and Android phones to HTC mobile phone.

  • From iPhone
    Transfer contacts, photos, videos, messages and more by backing up your old phone to this computer and applying the backup file to your new phone.
  • From Android
    Transfer contacts, photos, videos, messages and more to your new phone by installing the HTC transfer tool on your old phone and following the instructions.

Here we will only show you how to transfer files from iPhone to HTC. First of all, you will need to back up iPhone to computer via iTunes if not yet. Then in HTC Sync Manager, click the Get Started button in the From iPhone section, you will see the Choose a backup to restore from screen where all your iPhone backups will be listed. Select a iTunes backup here and proceed to the next step. The content selection screen opens with all supported file types you can copy from iPhone iTunes backup to HTC phone, such as contacts, calendar, iTunes playlists, photos, videos, etc. Choose the content you want to copy to your HTC phone and hit the Start button to begin restore iPhone backup to HTC mobile phone.

Transfer data from iPhone to HTC phone via Mobile Transfer

MobileTransfer is a professional data migration application for both Windows and Mac users. It is a great tool to ease the transition from one phone to another. In earlier articles, we have already demonstrated how Android users can use this tool to copy data between different phones. Check out these steps to copy files between Samsung and Lenovo mobile and this tutorial to move data between Samsung and Xiaomi phone. It is almost the same for data migration from iPhone to HTC, less file types are supported, the same steps required. Connect both iPhone and HTC to computer via USB, enter the Phone to Phone Transfer mode in this mobile phone file transfer software, then select files you like to transfer and one-click copy all selected data from iPhone to HTC phone. No iTunes required.

transfer data iphone to htc using mobile transfer

Also existing iPhone backup via iTunes or iCloud can be restored to HTC mobile using this tool. See this tutorial to restore iTunes backup to Android and this guide to download iCloud backup to Android.