How to transfer data between iPhone and LG phone?

High-end Android smartphones are now largely as good as iPhone. It is hard to say which is better. You choose the one best suits your needs. If you’ve made your decision to pick Android over iPhone or choose iPhone over Android, this guide will help you transfer all your personal data over, your contacts and phone numbers, text messages, calendar, call history, photos, videos, music. LG makes the most impressive Android phones. In this tutorial we will use a LG mobile phone to show you how to move files between iPhone and Android. The same tool and method work with all major Android powered smartphones, such as Samsung, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Mobile Transfer is the program we highly recommend. It is powerful, intuitive and straightforward. To transfer data from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone using it can be remarkably simple.

Transfer data from iPhone to LG

Before you begin, make sure to download the mobile transfer software onto your PC or Mac.

mobile phone data transfer select mode

Connect your iPhone and LG phone to computer using their USB cable provided. Run the mobile phone content move program on your computer, select the Phone to Phone Transfer mode from its home screen. It will then find and connect both phones. Your iPhone and LG phone will be displayed side by side within the data transfer program. To move files from iPhone to LG mobile, make sure iPhone appears on the left side which is the source device to copy data from, and LG phone on the right as the destination device to receive data. Hit the Flip button between them to switch if you found they are not in the right positions.

transfer data from iphone to lg phone using mobile transfer

On your LG mobile, if you are prompted to enable USB debugging on LG phone, follow the on-screen tips to turn it on so the mobile phone transfer program can install a daemon app onto your Android device via USB.

Choose your content to move over in the middle, contacts, messages, calendar, call logs, photos, videos, music. Hit the Start Transfer button in blue to get started and wait for the whole transfer to complete.

Once the iPhone to LG mobile migration completes, double check your LG phone to make sure all of your files and documents transferred. If some of the didn’t transfer, you can manually move them over. It rarely happens though.

Move files from LG to iPhone

You should already know how to achieve that if you have read the instructions above. The only difference is to ensure your LG phone listed on the left hand side as the source device, iPhone to be displayed on the right as the target device. Select content in the middle column and then click the transfer button at the bottom to copy selected files and data from LG mobile phone to iPhone.

transfer data from lg phone to iphone using mobile transfer